Enhancing Collagen Production For a Younger Looking Skin

What is the role of Collagen to our skin?

Collagen is a protein that our cells produce, it gives firmness and elasticity to our skin. As we get older the production of collagen slows down which causes our skin to develop wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of skin. However, you can repair or reverse the skin damage through embracing a healthy lifestyle or availing some skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin.

Here are some tips to boost our body’s collagen production:

1.  Applying Sunscreen
Being exposed to sun is the number one cause of skin damage because the ultraviolet rays break down the elastin and collagen, which are the factors that make our skin smooth and tighter. It is advisable to use sun creams that protect our skin from UV’s.

celesty UV White

2. Do not Smoke
Smoking disrupts the production of an enzyme called matrix metalloproteinase that regulates collagen production, that is why smokers are more prone to early aging.

no smoking

3. Facial Massage

A habitual facial massage makes the skin stay toned and tighter because massage can boost blood circulation and collagen production. It is best to have facial massage when applying facial products and moisturizer.

4. Regular intake of Vitamin C
Vitamin C has an important role in collagen synthesis and protects skin through its antioxidant properties from the ultraviolet radiation that causes skin damage.

5. Eating the Right Food:


  • Tomatoes- tomatoes have antioxidant called lycopene that has potential to protect the skin to UV rays. It also helps improve skin texture, protects skin damage while the cells produce collagen.
  • Carrots – carrots is rich in vitamin A which slows the breakdown of collagen in our body.
  • Citrus – Citrus foods are good source of vitamin C that has the ability to help amino acids convert to collagen. It also neutralize free radicals which break down collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • Soy – Soy milk and cheese as they help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines; with the presence of genistein in soya it protects the skin by controlling the production of free radicals that can be the main reason of collagen damage.

6. Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

In some cases especially those who are already in aging stage, it is really hard to bring back the younger skin if natural ways were used. The faster way to restore the young-looking skin is to get treatment in some health and wellness center. Some treatments that are usually offered for skin rejuvenation were BOTOX, Dermlift PRP, Placenta Collagen etc..


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