morning skincare routine

An Essential Morning Skincare Routine

Rise and shine! As you and your fresh face start the day, a simple, straightforward skincare routine is best. Three products should do the trick for most people.


Sorry to break it to you, but those cleansing wipes don’t count as washing your face. If you’re traveling or otherwise in a pinch, they’re better than nothing — but as a rule, cleansing should involve water.

To pick the best cleanser for you, consider your skin type. If your face is prone to dryness, stay away from foaming cleansers and if your skin is sensitive, look for cleaners that have the words ‘gentle’ or ‘for sensitive skin’ on them.

Avoid using cleansers with physical exfoliants like microbeads or gritty-textured products to prevent irritation and inflammation. Those provide a more gentle, even exfoliation.


If there’s a skincare fountain of youth, it’s sunscreen. But if you think you’re all set because you wear a moisturizer with SPF, think again. That’s not actually enough to keep your skin protected.

Most dermatologists strongly recommend SPF 30 or higher. Then, if you know, you’ll be out in the sun, golfing, or at the beach, put on SPF 50 or higher.

Try a tinted mineral sunscreen, which doesn’t have the thick, pasty consistency you might think of when you think about applying sunscreen to your face.


The older you get, the drier your skin gets. Give your skin back some of what it’s lost with moisturizer.

As you get old, you want to replace some of the moisture you’re losing. Moisturizers that have hyaluronic acids and ceramides can be helpful to replace some of that moisture.

Wait, what about toner?

These astringents are thought to help shrink pores. If you use one, apply it after cleansing as a second step in readying your face for sunscreen and moisturizer — but you probably don’t need it.
Want to improve your skincare routine?

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