“Eye” Can Relax

In this age of technology, our eyes are glued to the screens of our smart phones or desktops 24/7. Long exposure to gadgets can lead to different eye disorders which is why our eyes also need some time to rest.

In order to maintain the optimum health for your eyes, here are some exercises that can help them relax to prevent any eye problems in the future:

Woman Covering Her Eyes

  1. Palming

    This method is the simplest exercise that can be done anywhere. Even if you are just sitting in your work desk, you can just simply close your eyes and cover them with your palms. Gently apply very light pressure while you take deep and slow breaths. It is a good workout to your eyes for it gives them some time to rest from all lights in the environment.

    Eyes Shifting

  2. Shifting

    Another easy workout is shifting your eyes to different directions. It can be done even with your eyes closed. Just simply look to the right corner and gently shift your eyes to the left corner. You can also do this by looking upward and gently changing the direction downward.


  3. Blinking

    Although we blink constantly, it is considered as a good eye exercise. Simply blink your eyes faster than you normally would. You can also practice blinking and opening your eyes slowly which can help flex the eye muscle.
    Pen and Eyeglasses on a Book
  4. FocusingAs the name implies, just simply focus your sight to three directions: near, middle and far. Firstly, spot an object near to you. After sometime, change your focus to another object farther than the first one. Lastly, focus on the farthest object. Do this as long as you want to strengthen your eye muscles.

    A Woman Napping on Her Laptop

  5. Napping

    One of the best relaxations for your eyes is taking them for a quick nap. Especially if you face a computer screen every day, you should provide at least a 20-minute break for them. An additional exercise is to stare at blank or green walls, for it is said that the color green helps our minds relax.

These simple exercises do not serve as a cure to existing disorders such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. It just merely helps your eyes to calm down and unwind even for a short time.

Dedicating at least 10 minutes of eye exercise everyday would be a good habit especially when we cannot escape the reality that smart phones and desktop are now a part of our lives.

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