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Eye Checkup: A Key to Maintaining Good Eyesight

If there’s one test that you should never miss, it’s definitely your eye examination. Most people tend to overlook the need for a vision check due to their hectic schedules or even the lack of initiative.  Most likely, they wait for a serious change in their vision before paying a visit to their Optometrist. What they do not know is that the longer they wait, the more alarming their condition might be.

Several eye disorders are silent and shows no early symptoms. One day, you can see the world clearly and the next thing you know, you must wear eyeglasses or contact lenses which can be a hassle for your daily routines. Eye glasses tend to fog up or even be blurry during the rainy season, not to mention the sharp ear pain it gives due to the incorrect adjustment of the frame.

In order to avoid having the ‘extra eyes’ or undergoing a serious medical surgery, you should schedule a regular eye exam not only to monitor your eye health but also your overall health.

Eye experts recommend that you have your eyes checked at least once every two years. Since visual changes occur gradually, which makes them easily unnoticed; it is better to have them checked as often as possible for an optimum eye health. Children at a very young age could develop disorders such as developmental cataracts which promotes the much needed check-up. For early diagnosis and proper management, parents should have their children visit an Ophthalmologist even before they turn 8 to prevent other eye problems such as strabismus, amblyopia and refractive errors.

A simple eye test may also be your life savior. Other health issues can be discovered during a check-up. This includes diabetes, autoimmune disorders (lupus), thyroid problems, and even tumors. Saving at least a day in your schedule to go to the eye clinic could add a few years to your existence.

Different tests are conducted in order to evaluate the health of your eyes. An example of which is the visual acuity test which measures the vision’s sharpness. Another is the color blind test that can determine your color vision. In addition, one of the most common exam is the cover test which determines the eye alignment. Other exams include glaucoma test, visual field test, and slit lamp exam among many others.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul but it is also a window to our health. We should invest in them at an early age to avoid complications. With just a simple eye care and frequent visit to the Ophthalmologist, you can enjoy seeing the world better and clearer.

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