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Eye Relaxation Exercises That Help Improve Your Vision

It is a constant that the number of people suffering from vision problems is increasing quite significantly due to various reasons that range from loss of flexibility of distance vision all the way to aging vision.

Constant working on computers, binge-watching TV series, use of fluorescent lighting, air conditioning, and lack of exercising – all of these habits exert additional strain on your eyes and cause blurry vision.

That’s why you have to break your poor vision habits and start exercising for overall health because that will not only help you stay fit but also keep a number of eye diseases away.

Whether you want to prevent your eyesight from getting worse or don’t want to wear glasses in the near future, these healthy and effective eye exercises can most certainly help your vision:

1. Blinking Your Eyes More Often – This is a common exercise that everyone should practice. In this digital age, prolonged exposure to the TV, computer, and cellphone lead to dry eyes. As you know, dry eyes cause headaches, eye strain and eventually blurry vision. So when you start to feel the strain, start blinking more as that will lubricate your eyes while refreshing your brain to process new visual data more efficiently.

2. Rolling Your Eyes – Rolling your eyes in opposite directions helps as well. Roll your eyes to the right, then slowly shift your gaze to the left. Continue doing that in opposite directions. Then, move your gaze in different directions by going right to left first, then up and down next. That should ease up your eyes.

3. Observe The 20-20-20 Rule – You can keep your eyes from getting tired at work by simply taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes and focus on a subject that is 20 feet away from you. This exercise is effective in preventing digital eye strain and eye damage in the long run.

4. Palm To Relax Vision – This highly-effective eye relaxation technique can be used every time you feel like your eyes feel worn and dry. All you have to do is cup your hands over the socket of your eyes to create gentle pressure.

Keep your eyes closed and stare into the dark space while staying focused on the distance. Hold the pressure until you see all the residual tones fade to black. This exercise will work to reset your vision, lubricate your eyes and allow your eyes to rest and relax. Do this exercise for at least 30 seconds and relieve the stress around your eyes.

5. Trace An Eight – The aim of this exercise is to increase the flexibility of your eye muscles and improve your vision as well. Visualize a gigantic 8 almost 10 feet away from you and turn on its side. Then, sketch that with your eyes slowly for several minutes, clockwise then counterclockwise. Practice this and it will surely help maintain clear vision.

6. Focus On Objects Near And Far – For this exercise, you need to hold one of your thumbs close up and the other at you arm’s length. You can start by focusing on your thumb held close up, to be followed by the one that’s at your arm’s length, then focus on something that is sitting across the room and finally on an object that is really far away like across the road.

While you do this exercise, make sure that all the four points are situated along the same line of sight so the change in focus is subtle. Spend 2 seconds on every object and try to obtain a clear image of every item.

Now that you know these exercises that can help your eyes, make it a point to practice them habitually for the good of your visual health.

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