Diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Testing

Know If You Have Dry Eye Syndrome!

Dry eye is a disease. Proper diagnosis is the first step towards relief. Our Shinagawa BGC offers comprehensive and efficient Dry Eye Testing.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a multifactorial disease of the tears and ocular surface that results in symptoms of discomfort, visual disturbance, and tear film instability with potential damage to the ocular surface. It is accompanied by increased osmolarity of the tear film and inflammation of the ocular surface.

Dry Eye Disease

Millions of people suffer from dry eye disease, or syndrome. Yet in most cases, it goes undiagnosed with a patient not even knowing he or she has dry eyes. Often, this is due to the fact that sufferers misunderstand the symptoms.

See the symptoms of dry eyes below to know if there’s a chance that you may have it.