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Ways To Fade A Black Eye

There’s no magic trick to make a black eye vanish. But there are some treatments that might help it fade.

1. Arnica

There’s some evidence that this herb — available over the counter — may help bruises heal. Some studies have found that when people took oral arnica before cosmetic surgeries like nose jobs, it reduced the extent of their bruising.

Some people also find that it helps to put topical arnica gel on bruised skin to speed up healing. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes. A lot of the gel formulas have other ingredients that can be irritating.

2. Vitamin C

Like arnica, vitamin C is available over the counter in both oral and topical forms. Some research suggests it can help blood clots, which helps reduce the amount of bruising and swelling. There are also signs that vitamin C might help clots break down as a bruise heals.

For the best chance of success with vitamin C, taking it orally within the first day or two of the injury is recommended. No vitamin C on hand? Eat some oranges. And if you have topical vitamin C oil, you can also apply that to the skin around the eye. (Avoid getting it in the eye since it can be irritating.)

3. Laser treatment

Doctors can use in-office laser treatments to keep a new bruise from spreading and help it heal more quickly. To ensure that the procedure is effective, having it done right after your injury is recommended.

If you have a black eye and your wedding is coming up, it’s an option. If lasers aren’t in your budget, you’ll have to exercise a little patience. In the meantime, there’s always concealer.

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