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Fixing A Cracked Tooth

Knowing if you have a cracked tooth should be a concern for you if you love your teeth.

A cracked tooth is most common on teeth in the back of your mouth where the majority of chewing happens. All degrees of a crack can be classified under the diagnosis of “Cracked Tooth Syndrome.”

As we continue to age, our teeth can begin to have little lines or cracks on the surface. Although these may seem concerning, oftentimes they are simply what we call “craze lines.” These craze lines are in fact cracks in the tooth enamel, generally limited to the superficial outer layer of the tooth, that develop over time with normal wear and tear. Craze lines are not serious as long as they do not penetrate to the inner surface of the tooth called dentin.

If you have a cracked tooth, you may notice sensitivity or pain when biting and chewing food. In more severe cases, it will hurt consistently, especially around the gums if the tooth segment is loose. There are various types of cracked teeth, and depending on how deep the damage goes, certain treatment options are suggested based on your situation. Treatment can be as simple as a crown, but in more extreme cases removing the tooth completely is required.

Typically a cracked tooth will require more invasive treatment than a chipped tooth. If the crack extends beyond the surface of the tooth, a root canal is likely recommended and then places a crown to cover the entire tooth.

Here are the most common treatments for a cracked tooth:

Least severe: The tooth will require a dental crown to cover and restore the damage.

Medium severity: If the crack has extended a little deeper into the tooth, it is often treated by performing a root canal procedure, then placing a crown on the tooth to restore aesthetics and functionality.

Most severe: If the crack has extended deep into the tooth, a tooth extraction needs to be performed. This is the most extreme situation and dentists usually try their best to keep your natural teeth and repair the damage if possible. If an extraction is the best treatment plan, a dental implant can be used to replace your original tooth.

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