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Four More Surprising LASIK Benefits

LASIK is known as a very effective procedure that gives a lot of people the bright vision that they always dreamed of having. Aside from that, it is also a given that LASIK can correct normal astigmatism.

Still, LASIK provides even more benefits that you might not know.

Here are four more unexpected advantages that LASIK can provide:

1. Better night vision – According to the most recent statistics and studies of LASIK patients, almost all of them have expressed that their night vision is drastically improved. Not having to deal with reflections and a poor refractive surface caused by dryness provides LASIK patients better night sight compared to their pre-LASIK vision.

2. Reduced allergy symptoms – Yes, even your allergy symptoms can be reduced by LASIK. Not having to deal with eyeglasses and contact lenses anymore, LASIK patients enjoy way less headaches, sinus pain, redness, and eye irritation.

3. Additional lines of sight – As LASIK corrects myopia and/or astigmatism, patients benefit as they gain additional lines of vision following the procedure. LASIK increases the patients’ clarity after surgery as refractive errors are best corrected in the corneal surface in the process. Glasses and contacts only correct those errors partially.

4. Improved peripheral vision – Even your peripherals can be improved by LASIK. Initially, LASIK provides an improved straight-ahead vision but also, it can enhance peripheral vision.

Aside from the straight-on benefits that LASIK can give, it can present you a whole lot more than just a perfect vision.

That’s why if you can be qualified for LASIK, there’s every reason to have it for you to have a better life.

See if LASIK can be for you, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 to start a possible journey to a better and brighter eyesight.

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