Getting an Eye Tattoo Might Not Be the Best Idea

Getting an Eye Tattoo Might Not Be the Best Idea

Thinking about getting an eye tattoo? Think again.

Though getting a tattoo around your eye might be cool, it can likewise cause you your sight.

While everything is supposed to be fine when getting a tattoo around the eye, it’s not always a guarantee. There’s a chance that it can go wrong and it can lead to serious eye complications.

In some instances, having a botched eye tattoo can not only cause severe damage, but can also lead to loss of vision. Take this example: for one. The lady heavily paid the price for badly wanting an eye tattoo.

It was an attempted sclera tattoo, which was supposed to change the color of the whites around the eye, that went astray. As a result, vision on the eye was lost permanently because of that fatal mistake.

Don’t follow that lead.

Shinagawa PH can help you protect your eyes better. If you have some concerns regarding your eyes, our doctors are available for you to see just how healthy they are and if certain treatments are necessary for them.

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