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Keep Your Glasses Fog Free While Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask or other face-covering during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may interfere with breathing, speaking, and people admiring your beautiful face. Besides, who wants to talk through a face mask? And how do you deal with an awkward interaction when trying to show friendliness to people passing by?

Wearing a mask alongside social distancing and hand hygiene helps keep ourselves and the community safe at this critical point in time. While face masks are crucial during the pandemic and increasingly become an essential part of our wardrobes, those with glasses have experienced an annoying phenomenon. Put the two items on your face and make them work together; the result will be fogged glasses every time you exhale.

Why do glasses fog up in the first place? Our glasses fog up when warm breath escapes from the top of our mask and hits the cooler lens of the glasses. The process is similar to when you open the oven, drink a hot tea or coffee, or even work out.

With this global pandemic and all its implications to worry about right now, the last thing we need is a steam room effect on our glasses.

If you have good vision without glasses or wear contacts, more power to you. As for the others, let’s look at a few tips that can probably help in gaining a fog-free view on your glasses:

  • Rest your glasses over your mask
  • Tighten the fit of the mask
  • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Wipe your lenses before wearing them

While these tips may help from time to time, still, the fogging of your glasses while wearing a mask is more or less inevitable. The best way to go about it is to eliminate your glasses by getting a brighter vision for good. Schedule your LASIK screening with us now!

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