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Goodbye Cataract: Shinagawa Was The Place To Be For Suzanne Franco

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Such was the case for Suzanne Franco’s previous visual problems.

After several unsorted diagnoses elsewhere, it took Shinagawa’s advanced eye checkup and precise cataract procedure to solve her eye problems.

A year after her premier cataract surgery, she remains satisfied with her restored bright vision.

“Million thanks to Shinagawa for a job well done! It’s been a year since I underwent a smooth cataract procedure at Shinagawa in August 2018 under the amiable Dr. Francis Guerrero and my vision remains in amazing shape,” stated Suzanne.

“As I celebrate the first anniversary of my empowerment as a full-visioned 50-something, I really can’t ask for more. I am truly blessed.”

For quite a long stretch, Suzanne dealt with difficulties with her eyesight with no clear cause.

Indeed, I’d been stoically bearing the brunt of reduced eyesight on my left for the longest time. And the problem had been getting worse to the point I feared being unable to cross heavy-traffic streets safely.”

Actually, she had three previous eye checks in other centers but none of which were able to have a proper diagnosis and treatment for her eyes’ case.

“It should be pointed out that I first went through the rigors of getting a second opinion, and then a third one, because all eye examinations pointed to complications beyond a mere cataract problem,” shared Suzanne.

The fourth time is the charm for Suzanne as Shinagawa was finally able to see in-depth that her problem was cataract and was quick to provide a corresponding solution outright.

“But God is good: He led me to Shinagawa,” happily expressed Suzanne. “Right after my cataract procedure, I could already see clearly and fully—not only through my left eye but also through my right! It was amazing. It was a miracle. It was as if a whole new world has suddenly opened up before me!”

Amazed by the results that Shinagawa was able to deliver, the joy that Suzanne continues to feel still outpours a year after.

“I have to express this once again. I want the whole world to know how truly grateful I was then—and still am today—for the incredible Shinagawa technique that liberated me in a wink of an eye, so to speak, from years of clouded and hence impaired vision.”

“I remember being moved to tears by the unbelievable success of this fantastic, magical Shinagawa cataract procedure, and by the expertise of Dr. Guerrero.”

If you’re unsure of what your eye problem is and is not convinced of your previous eye exams, we can always take a good look at your eyes using advanced technology at Shinagawa.

To schedule a comprehensive eye checkup or have your cataract checked, call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517.

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