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Surprising Health Benefits Of Exercising

Aside from better stamina, cardio and body shape, regularly exercising presents more overall benefits that you may know.

In fact, exercising can actually do a lot of wonders for your skin.

According to various studies, here are some amazing benefits that exercising can give you and your body:

  1. Improves Acne – Since regular exercise helps regulate blood sugar, it helps reduce inflammation which can improve acne. It also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which is an acne trigger.
  2. Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer – Based on studies, regular exercise lowers your risk for skin cancer, including life-threatening melanoma.
  3. Reduces Heartburn – Regular exercise, especially less stressful aerobic types like swimming and walking, reduce the severity of acid reflux or heartburn. And reducing heartburn can also help you sleep better.
  4. Improves Chronic Pain – Losing weight is critical to improving chronic pain since the more weight you carry, the more pressure and pain to your joints and bones you’ll experience. Exercise also reduces pain because it reduces inflammation and your weight, of course.
  5. Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease – A study showed that daily exercise significantly reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s, even if —get this— you start exercising after the age of 80.
  6. Better Sleep – Regular exercise helps you sleep better, provided it’s not done within 2 to 3 hours of bedtime. Exercise can also reduce and sometimes eliminate sleep apnea, a frustrating and potentially health-threatening sleep disorder that causes disruptions in breathing.
  7. More Energy – Many studies show that exercise, even just a few times a week, boosts energy. And morning exercisers reap the biggest benefit.
  8. More Happiness – If you’ve heard of “runner’s high,” then you know that exercise makes people happy. That’s because exercise boosts mood-enhancing or feel-good endorphins.
  9. Reduces Risk of Psoriasis – A study showed that vigorous aerobic exercise and calisthenics are associated with a reduced risk of psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition.

As you can see, working out constantly presents a lot of health benefits for your skin. You should probably start hitting the gym.

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