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Is Reading While Lying Down Bad For The Eyes?

Some people believe that reading while lying down is bad for the eyes. But, is there any truth to that?

While that won’t cause your eyes permanent damage, the practice can actually be bad as that can lead to constant eyestrain.

You’re not risking vision loss or eye damage by reading in bed, however, the posture can cause a lot of strain on the eyes. That’s why it’s important to observe the recommended reading techniques to avoid eyestrains.

The ideal reading distance should be about 15 inches, more or less, with a reading angle of 60 degrees.

Every time you read from a lying-down position, your eyes would have to focus upwards and the strain that occurs is on the muscles that surround the eyes, the extra-ocular muscles that help in rotating the eyes.

Like muscle tiredness in other areas of your body, your eyes get fatigued from reading, too. You will notice a subtle indication of this while you’re reading in bed as you’re bound to spend more time reading a sentence from one end to the other.

Burning sensations, dryness, redness, irritation, headache, and blurred vision can also be caused by this reading practice.

While you may not obtain permanent damage with this reading habit, it’s still important to be mindful of eyestrain if you happen to be someone who spends significant time reading in bed every day.

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