Several Minutes to Have a 20/20 Vision

It Only Takes Several Minutes to Have a 20/20 Vision

Seeing the world clearly may seem like an impossibility to those who have spent most of their lives having to deal with poor eyesight. But with the advent of various technological advances in medicine, we are presented with more options.

20/20 vision, or possible even better, is now no longer a dream, thanks to Shinagawa’s top-of-the-crop Z LASIK surgery. In fact, a perfect vision awaits for only several minutes. In an average of only six to 12 minutes surgery time, a person’s crystal clear vision can be restored by LASIK just like that.

With LASIK (Laser-assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) or corrective eye surgery, one no longer has to live with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (or changes in vision that come with age). As for presbyopia, it cannot be resolved by LASIK alone but also through having monovision surgery to go along.

LASIK is the most popular, proven and effective procedure of choice for the restoration of optimum optical function.

The pain-free process involves reshaping the cornea (the transparent front part of the eye) which in turn affects the retina (which is the lens behind it), both of which are responsible for filtering light and focusing vision. The restructuring of these parts of the eye helps it work flawlessly. This process essentially renders the need for glasses or contact lenses non-existent because it allows the eye’s natural lenses to function as they were intended to.

But of course any surgical procedure, even one as simple and painless as LASIK, takes proper preparation and recovery. It’s important to know that although the treatment takes only approximately six to 12 minutes for both eyes, there has to be time devoted to educating and readying oneself for this journey.

After the surgery, proper time must be allotted to adjust. Around 24-48 hours post-surgery, a follow-up checkup must be done and at regular intervals for the next one year.

Consulting with a doctor is the best course of action, first and foremost, before making any decision. The important thing is to remain informed and prepared.

If you’re ready and itching to see the world brighter and have the perfect vision that you’re dreaming of, LASIK is definitely the answer for you. Shinagawa is second to none when it comes to providing the best LASIK service.

Shinagawa’s Z LASIK price is the most reasonable and worth it that you can find in the market as we guarantee to give you your money’s value with a brand new vision that you can enjoy for good.

Let us help you to your journey towards a perfect vision in a swift. 

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      Shinagawa says:

      Hi ma’am, it depends on the type of LASIK. We recommend that you visit our clinic for a FREE Consultation so our Medical Team can assess which type of LASIK best suits your needs. Please call 491-0000. The price range differs with each type of LASIK. Thank you so much for your interest in Shinagawa.


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