Klavy Cynthia Says Bye to Moist Lenses and Irritating Contacts

Klavy Cynthia Says Bye to Moist Lenses and Irritating Contacts

No more moist lenses, no more irritating contacts.”

Klavy Cynthia felt a huge sigh of relief after finally being able to ditch her glasses and contacts for good after LASIK.

“LASIK is one of the best life-changing decisions I’ve ever made! Thank you, Shinagawa for the successful procedure and for my beyond perfect vision. 20/10 vision is real!”

Klavy is thrilled to finally be able to get rid of her eyeglasses for good.

“After 10 long years of wearing my eyeglasses, I’m finally saying goodbye to them! I can’t even remember the last time I woke up without putting them on first. It was the first and last thing that I look for every time I’d wake up and go to bed.”

“It was like the most important thing that I had to wear ‘cause I’d feel blind without them. Sometimes I feel like I even trusted my eyeglasses more than I trusted myself.”

There’s nothing like having visual freedom. Achieve it, too!

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