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Celebrity Testimonials

“I won’t forget my LASIK as I had it five (5) years ago in 2013 at Shinagawa. My eye grade before LASIK was around 275 back then and now, I still enjoy a 20/10 vision even five years after my procedure.”

“One thing is certain – I definitely made the right decision to see better with Shinagawa Lasik Center’s Z LASIK surgery. It’s still hard to believe that everything is much clearer and better now with my 20/12 vision (not a typo error! better than 20/20).

Half of my life, I had come to accept that clear vision was never going to be mine. My vision became worse as years went by—from 150 to 300 to 375. I thought that this would forever be the case but I was proven wrong with LASIK. It fascinated me that it was simply just a procedure away from this worry-free HD vision of mine and all it took was for me to finally go for it and believe in the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.”

“I couldn’t be more thankful to Shinagawa Lasik Center for giving me this life-changing experience. I can work so much better now because my vision is perfect at 20/20 and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I’m so humbled to be part of their family of satisfied patients. 

For 15 years, I’ve been an avid contact lens user and also wear glasses occasionally. Over time, my eye grade worsened from what was 20/40 to over 400 nearsightedness. I also struggled daily with my activities and constantly got eye infections. I couldn’t swim and read properly, and I knew I was exhausting my eyes way too much. 

But after my LASIK surgery, I can go about my daily activities more easily. Thank you Shinagawa! You guys are the best. God bless and more power!”

“I couldn’t wait for the outcome of my LASIK. It’s so much better now! I can see everything clearly. I now have 20/12 vision, which is beyond perfect vision. It can’t get any better than that! It’s unreal!

It’s been amazing and productive so far after LASIK. I’m even more motivated than ever to working out and living a better lifestyle now that I have better eyes as well.

I feel really happy. It feels so good. It feels really satisfying. Thanks to Shinagawa for helping me out. If you seek LASIK, go to Shinagawa! It’s the best way to go!”

“I would like to thank Dr. Albert Dela Cruz and the whole Shinagawa team for turning my dream into reality. I never knew that this day would come, that I will be able to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.

I’d say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I encourage everyone with a blurry vision to visit Shinagawa and consider having LASIK.”

“I was actually one of the very first LASIK patients of Shinagawa LASIK Center here in the country eight years ago (2010) and since then, I’ve been free from glasses and contacts with my bright vision intact.

Well, coming from someone who’s been wearing glasses for over 30 years and wearing contacts for over 20 years, for me LASIK was very liberating. So when I got the chance to get my eyes corrected, I jumped at a chance and had it done by Shinagawa. I just really wanted to free myself from wearing glasses day and night.”

“With Shinagawa IntraLASIK. I can see the world with clear eyes. It’s bladeless and painless.”

“I am so happy to see the world more clearly now! Thanks to the efficiency and great professional care I was accorded by the friendly Doctors and staff of SHINAGAWA LASIK & AESTHETICS. God bless you and more power!”

“Lasik surgery is the best thing that ever happened to me. I get to enjoy and explore more things about the world! I’m really adventures and I like sports so this was able to help me see things more clear too and also I can finally drive the car right and see the signs clear! Thanks to Shinagawa clinic for making my life easier.”

“I’m not a big fan of needles and surgeries and my pain tolerance is quite low. Having the LASIK procedure is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Shinagawa staff did a good job making me feel at ease before, during and after the procedure. It was completely pain-free the entire time. I’m no longer tied to wearing my glasses every day, thanks to Shinagawa.”

“I did it! Thank you for a very successful surgery @shinagawaclinic. Indeed gave me the best doctors. Thank you to Shinagawa who made me feel comfortable during the procedure. I’m so happy I woke up this morning with a clear vision… what an amazing technology, which instantly cleared a very poor eye vision. I had quite a different procedure as I have a very thin cornea so the procedure I had was Amaris LASIK combined with corneal collagen cross-linking…the full recovery was so fast. I love you Shinagawa.”

“Having a crystal clear vision is amazing. I should have done this earlier and I regret I’ve wasted so much time. I have never imagined my vision could be this clear. Now, I will be spared from wearing contact lenses during tapings and shoots, and also my day-to-day activities. No need to worry about looking for my glasses that I always forget elsewhere.

To my surprise, I even achieved 20/10 vision (yes, better than 20/20) after my Z LASIK surgery. From then on, everything seems to be in HD (high-definition). I owe everything to Shinagawa Lasik Center. I will forever be thankful for achieving this crystal clear and brand new vision”

“I have to wear contact lens w/c really cause me a lot of problems, dryness, frustrations but Shinagawa gave me a miracle. They gave me the blessings and the miracle of sight. Something that no price can ever be put on and I will be forever thankful, because now when I wake up in the morning, I can actually see what surrounds me, see the beauty of the world. I will owe them this blessing forever.”

“I had an accident when I was about 4 months old and I survived a bad fall. I had to go through two (2) surgeries but still, experts say there is no way that I can be not wearing eyeglasses.

Just recently, I had the most life-changing experience when I had ULTRA LASIK Surgery from Shinagawa Lasik Center and I am in awe of the results. My vision is now 20/20. It was such an amazing journey! The procedure only took 10 minutes and I was able to go back to my daily duties the next day.

More so, I was able to fly, and do my business trips 3 days after. It’s the most amazing and convenient technology and surgery I have ever had. It was not invasive at all, it’s not uncomfortable. It’s unbelievable! I really, really, highly recommend the ULTRA LASIK Surgery at Shinagawa. The downtime is very low and the results are definitely impeccable”

“I don’t have to grab my glasses first thing in the morning every day. I can drive and I can enjoy playing sports without having to put on my glasses or contact lenses. With Shinagawa LASIK, it’s safe, bladeless, and painless!”

“I am really happy that I finally did Z-LASIK, and would definitely recommend it to people who have the same eye issues as mine. I understand it can be a bit costly, but if I think about how many eyeglasses, contact lens, drops, eye tests, and lens solutions I spent on, I tell myself, I really should have done it sooner!”

“Z-LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly amazing! It’s painless, blade-less and safe. I should have done it earlier… Now I can see the goal from the half court line more than enough for a winning shot!”

“Z-LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly remarkable. I feel better with my new vision. People in the clinic are very helpful and accomodating. I’m happy with the results. With my clear eyesight now, playing basketball is a lot more competitive. I highly recommend Z-LASIK!”

“I’d been thinking of getting LASIK done for quite some time. I’ve been wearing glasses forever since I was 9 years old and contacts since High School. Then, I heard about Shinagawa LASIK Center. After doing some research, I decided to go with them.

I was scared of undergoing LASIK at first but when met the medical team of Shinagawa0, they assured me a safe procedure. I was relieved and relaxed. I then went through with the ULTRA LASIK procedure.

The surgery was indeed painless and quick! Everything looked great after. My vision immediately went from 600 to 20/12 (better than 20/20) and it keeps on improving!

I feel like a new person. I love not needing glasses or contacts anymore. What a convenience! It is complete freedom!

Thanks for the staff at Shinagawa for being wonderful and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Shinagawa anyone thinking of undergoing LASIK. Through Shinagawa, my eyes are opened to a whole new world of opportunities and activities.”

“LASIK will get you a clearer perspective on things—literally. If you’ve worn lenses of any kind for practically your whole life, I can bet you’ve fantasized about having LASIK.

The prospect of traveling with eyesight so sharp was just too appealing not to turn into reality. I went to Shinagawa LASIK Center to have my myopic eyes administered to. It was pain-free and fast, lasting all of only 10 minutes!

I went from Gaussian-blur mornings to crystal HD all day, every day, real quick after LASIK at Shinagawa!”

“After years of not being able to see clearly, I finally got Z LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center! I highly recommend it. It’s painless, very safe, and super fast. I only wish I had done it sooner. Definitely life-changing.

The procedure only took 7 minutes for both eyes for me. Can you imagine how fast it was? It really did cut down the time I spent in the operating room. The recovery period was also fast. I could enjoy my 20/20 vision within a few hours.

Thanks to all the staff and medical team of Shinagawa! And, goodbye, glasses and contact lenses!”

“I started wearing prescription glasses in grade school until my grade reached 500. My glasses were quite bothersome to my dancing routines so I wore contacts, but it can get uncomfortable and the longer I had them on, the more my eyes felt tired. Despite the discomfort, I had to continue wearing them because I needed clear eyesight for movement awareness when performing on the dance floor, especially when I became a member of ABS-CBN Showtime’s Girltrends.

Fortunately, I had the chance to undergo LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center. Their state-of-the-art equipment and proficient eye specialists brought back my perfect vision. The surgery was really quick (less than 10 minutes) and absolutely pain-free.

After 10 years of struggling, my eyes are now perfectly fine—from 550 to 20/10 vision, even better than 20/20. WOW! Thank you so much, Shinagawa! You are such a blessing! Until now, I’m still in awe.”

“At first, I gave LASIK a little over 50 percent trust and approval that it could do wonders for my eyesight, considering my age and my frequent computer usage relative to my work as a broadcast journalist. I told myself, I will be satisfied if it can at least rid me of my eyeglasses. But after a month since I had my procedure, I was so amazed by the result.

I’m back to 20/12 vision! I really did not expect this to happen. Now, I trust and approve LASIK 100 percent.

I can now read text messages on its regular font size crystal clear and enjoy my preview of videos for my 22-year-old TV segment — Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan. Thanks a lot to the rest of the super friendly and accommodating doctors and staff of Shinagawa Lasik Center. Amazing job!”

“Having LASIK surgery is a life-changing experience, thanks to Shinagawa. It’s just amazing how quick and painless it was. It took only seven minutes for both eyes. The results are unbelievable. I can now see the world in high-definition. From grade 325, I am now enjoying my 20/20 vision just a day after the procedure.”

“I feel very privileged to be part of the clientele of Shinagawa knowing that LASIK is safe. I experienced dramatic improvement in my vision since I was immediately able to read fine print. Perfect vision is a process, so I’m looking forward to achieving 20 20 so I can equally appreciate my audience as much as they appreciate me on stage.”