Shinagawa at Macquarie Wellness Fair 2017

A renowned trading company recently held its Wellness Fair 2017 with Shinagawa playing a big role in spreading knowledge in terms of having a healthy and beautiful life.
Held at the Tower 1, Enterprise Centre in Makati City, the aim of the event is to raise awareness about the importance of healthy and enhanced living.

For its part, Shinagawa steered a wellness talk and presentation wherein its renowned doctors and experts discussed why having the right and proper health treatments, particularly for eyes, skin and teeth, are keys to healthy living.

Public Relations and Marketing Consultant Acel Crisostomo conducted the talk for LASIK, Dr. Ana Dalumpines discussed derma while Dr. Darwin Dela Pena had a session on orthodontics.

Their trio was able to share knowledge on the life-changing health services that Shinagawa offers.

Moreover, an interactive exchange also took place wherein the queries of employees regarding wellness and health were answered by more experts from Shinagawa.

Events Officer DJ Guinto, Beauty Consultant Jessica Coria and LASIK Consultants Jef Panganiban and Sheila Pajoganoy likewise intermingled with the attendees.

As a plus, Shinagawa went further by conducting FREE CONSULTATION on the spot for LASIK, derma and orthodontics.

Six attendees had Z LASIK consultations, one availing orthodontics services and 13 of which underwent various derma consultations and treatments.