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Maintaining Teeth After Whitening Treatment

After your teeth whitening treatment, the last thing you want to see is discoloration. To avoid the recurrence of a yellowish teeth, here are the steps on how to keep your teeth bright and white:

Daily Oral Care

Daily brushing and flossing will eliminate the stains and food residues that cause plaque. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least 2-3 times a day, ideally after a meal and before bedtime.

Stains can return over time even if you avoid drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. It is best to use an effective whitening toothpaste after the treatment like White Flash toothpaste. It comes with LED accelerator for a more intense whitening action and Xylitol that protects from bacteria to stick from our teeth.

Rinse with Water
Rinsing your mouth with water after drinking your favorite drink helps reduce the tooth-damaging acids that increase the probability of staining of teeth. You can also use a prescribed mouthwash for more anti-bacterial properties that can eliminate the buildup of germs causing discoloration.

See Your Dentist

Visit your dentist’s clinic for regular checkups. Oral Prophylaxis is an effective procedure for getting rid of discoloration without having to bleach your teeth again.
To keep your teeth white, ask your doctor about the safe and effective teeth whitening remedies you can do at home.

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