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Fantastic Pandemic LASIK For Neri Amiel Campos

For many, LASIK is an investment they certainly need to make. Neri Amiel Campos was determined to do just that.

“It was last month when I decided to have LASIK. Though it is pandemic, I was firm in my decision to make LASIK a good investment for my health,” said Neri, who wanted to have his refractive errors corrected to reduce constant migraines.

With that, he shared that he only had one choice when it comes to entrusting his eyes and vision.

“I never had any other option for my LASIK. It is only in Shinagawa that I want to have this procedure. I am confident that I will be in good hands.”

True enough, Neri’s expectations were met.

“I had my LASIK done at Shinagawa Makati. Truly, I am satisfied with what has been done to my eyes. One of the best decisions that I ever made. I can see clearly now without any weapon in my eye. It feels surreal!”

You can never go wrong in investing in LASIK and your eyes. You’re a LASIK screening away from changing your life.

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