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Not Cleaning your Surroundings Regularly? Parasites are Looking to Pounce

Too lazy to clean your everyday surroundings? You better change that bad habit before it can do you harm.

Do you know that not washing your bed sheets and pillow cases can somehow lead to mites and parasites attacking your eyes? For one, a Chinese woman has suffered several eye conditions, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and inflammation of both the eyelash, for more than two years due to not washing her bed sheets and surroundings for more than five years. source: (https://9gag.com/gag/aeengWO)

Dirty Room in the Philippines

More than 100 eyelash mites were shockingly found on her eyelids. According to doctors, that was caused by the woman’s personal hygiene as it was revealed that she had not washed her pillow cases and bed sheets for a long time and that air flow was lacking in her room, causing mites to build-up at an alarming level.

Reportedly, the woman was able to recover following various treatments but don’t let yourself suffer the same fate.

These parasites are as harmful as they can get. How they can cause serious harm to us and our eyes were discussed in our previous blog: https://shinagawa.ph/parasites-that-can-affect-the-eye

Don’t be like this. To avoid such unfortunate harm, make sure to clean your surroundings regularly and take care of your eyes, accordingly. Cleanliness is a big key to maintaining your eyes’ health and avoiding any untoward incident that can cause you harmful damages.  

Shinagawa can help you protect your eyes better. If you have some concerns regarding your eyes, our doctors are available for you to see just how healthy they are and if certain treatments are necessary for them.

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