Nasal Tip Plasty at Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Philippines

Nasal Tip Plasty

Give your nose the edge it needs! In one transforming and safe procedure, enhance the tip of your nose for a better overall outlook. Nasal Tip Plasty is a surgical procedure that is designed to exclusively treat the nose tip.
It is a fairly convenient and simple procedure.

The Nasal Tip Plasty is bound to either elevate or adjust the tip of the nose to be able to create a proper and better angle between the nose and the lip. This procedure is excellent for those who desire subtle changes for better aesthetics of the nose.

How Does This Treatment Work?

An assigned surgeon will make the necessary incisions inside of the nose for a start after giving the needed anesthesia. Then, a layer of cartilage is added to the tip of the nose to give it the desired lift it needs.

Once the incisions are closed, the treated part of the nose should not be touched for a period of time until the doctor gives its go-signal.
Since the procedure only tackles the tip of the nose alone, it is much easier than a full Rhinoplasty, wherein the entirety of the nose is involved.

How Can Nasal Tip Plasty Do Wonders?

Some naturally have a larger nose tip than what’s normal, causing it to look less please. What Nasal Tip Plasty can do is that it is designed to correct any such nose tip defects by elevating and adjusting it for it to look raised enough with a better angle, resulting in a more attractive appeal.
As it treats a big nose, it likewise provides more structure and definition, with the tip bound to look more sculpted. Hence, it enhances the overall look of the face.

How Long is the Procedure?

Nasal Tip Plasty is a short, made-to-measure surgery structured to produce results shortly after. It just needs a day to get the procedure done as the surgical process is not extensive. A patient can actually go back to work the next day and just observe the needed post-operative care provided by the doctor.

Are you a Good Candidate?

Our Dermatologists have received comprehensive training on this innovative nose procedure and will be happy to answer all your queries on the procedure during the consultation to assess if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 7-368 5238 | (+63) 921 217 0517 | (+63) 917 862 7454