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    Healthy Relationship With Food | Shinagawa Pharmacy Blog

    Healthy Relationship With Food

    One of the things that probably brings joy in people’s lives is food as it serves as a major source of energy that is needed for your body. However, to some, particularly dieters, it’s the opposite.

    When we say a good relationship with food, it pertains to having unconditional freedom to eat foods that make you feel good physically and mentally. There are no off-limits and you don’t feel guilty eating foods that are neither good nor bad for your health. Similar to building relationships with people having a good relationship with food isn’t easy as it seems as it takes a long period of time or even a lifetime to do so.

    The main question is how do you determine if you have a good or bad relationship with food?

    Having a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a good relationship with food, rather, it’s on how and why you choose the food you eat. Also, the fact that you don’t stress or worry about eating too much determines that you have a healthy relationship with food.


    In a nutshell, when you restrict or overeat foods, have a regular diet, and that you feel shame or guilt when you intake a massive amount of food it simply means that you have a bad relationship with food.

    So in order to have a healthy relationship with food, you can start by welcoming all foods in moderation, allowing yourself to eat foods that you crave instead of letting food control your life, or by letting others define your value as a person based on what you eat.

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