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    Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

    One of the most important and commonly used seasonings in Filipino dishes is salt.

    Studies show that Southeast Asian countries have a high consumption of sodium intake as salt is a key ingredient that brings flavor to food. In fact, the average salt consumption of Filipinos per day is 11 grams (4,236 milligrams of sodium) which exceed the recommended maximum salt intake per day which is 5 grams. In addition to that, Pinoy loves salty dipping sauces or sawsawan but it’s putting people’s hearts and health at risk.

    Reducing salt isn’t as easy as it sounds and can be extremely difficult for Filipinos and Southeast Asians. It’s also a challenge for people who are used to eating salty foods because without salt food tastes bland and is less appealing.

    However, if we consider taking care of our body and putting those taste preferences aside, we can start little by little for instance using alternative seasonings like turmeric and oregano. Reduce eating restaurants and processed foods (canned products and sauces) of instead buying lean meats, whole foods, and foods high in potassium.

    According to the findings of the study conducted by some researchers reducing salt intake by 1 gram per day can lower the average systolic blood pressure by 1.2 mm/Hg and prevent up to 9 million cardiovascular diseases and stroke cases by 2030. Moreover, the benefits of lowering salt intake apply to people of all ages and even those with low sodium and normal blood pressure.

    It’s amazing how reducing 1 gram of sodium can give you many benefits that are good for your heart and overall health. To maintain the recommended daily amount of sodium, remember to buy fresh ingredients and track the sodium by checking nutrient labels on food.

    It’s never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle and also enjoy a healthy delicious meal without compromising your health.

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