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    Signs of Burnout at Work

    Signs of Burnout at Work

    Are you tired of doing the same task or routine every day at work? That’s probably what they call burnout. However, do not be too concerned as no one is spared from it because it’s a normal thing that all of us experience once in a while.

    Fortunately, burnout isn’t a medical diagnosis rather is a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. Many factors lead to burnout and you might not be aware of it yourself, below is the list of possible causes that you need to keep in mind:

    Out of control

    Variables that are uncontrollable at work such as time, workload, and deadlines

    Unclear job expectations

    Uncertainty when it comes to your position, tasks, and expectations from your boss or coworkers

    Dysfunctional working environment

    Toxic workplace cultures such as cliques, gossip, mistrust, discrimination, and selfishness

    Intensity level of work

    Repetitive or chaotic tasks at work that requires a lot of energy and focus

    Lack of support system

    Feeling isolated at work and in personal life which leads to stress

    Work-life imbalance

    Swamped with work that bonding with family and friends is one of the least priority

    Admitting or recognizing burnout is important especially while it’s still at a low level as it makes it a lot more manageable. Ignored or unaddressed burnout can lead to a lot of negative events such as fatigue, insomnia, etc., and can completely affect your overall health physically and mentally.

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