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    Symptoms of Dehydration

    Symptoms of Dehydration

    People tend to forget to drink water; if they do so, it’s not enough to hydrate the body. As a result, they experience dehydration when more water and fluids leave the body than enter it. Fluid is lost through sweat, tears, vomiting, urine, or diarrhea.


    The leading causes of dehydration are not consuming enough water, losing too much water, or both.


    Other causes of dehydration are the following:






    •Frequent urination



    Here are the five quick ways to rehydrate yourself:



    •Coffee and tea


    •Fruits and vegetables

    •Sports drinks or oral hydration solutions


    Dehydration is easy to remedy but can be severe if left unchecked. Hence, it’s important to schedule your check-up if you experience the symptoms mentioned above of dehydration.


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