Popping Pimples? Don’t!

Popping Pimples? Don’t!

Regularly popping your pimples? You better stop that bad habit.

If you don’t want your skin, especially in your face, to slowly lose its glow, you should stop your pimple-popping habit.

It’s easy to understand why most of us develop a habit of popping our pimples on a regular basis. It’s naturally tempting to pop a fresh pimple to instantly get rid of it.

However, little did you know that popping pimples doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. In fact, popping a pimple can actually push bacteria deep into the skin, causing more redness and swelling instead of getting rid of them. Aside from that, squeezing your pimples might even lead to marks and acne scars.

Here are some of the bad things that can happen to your skin if you don’t stop resisting the urge to pop those pimples:

  • Creating more pimples instead
  • Worsening the pimple
  • Spreading the bacteria from a pimple
  • Tearing your skin
  • Prevent pimples from complete and timely healing

Popping Pimples? Don’t!

As tempting and itchy as it is, your patience is much needed when it comes to dealing with pimples. Getting rid of pimples really takes some time.

Normally, it takes several days to a week and a half for a pimple to completely heal on its own. It is important for you to stop touching and irritating a pimple for it heal in time. Squeezing pimples is preventing them to fully heal.

It’s always best to prohibit yourself from popping your pimples. Allow your skin to naturally take care of that on its own.

Popping pimples are really bad for your skin. Now that you know, drop the pimple popping habit. You should leave it to dermatologists. Ours at Shinagawa Aesthetics is more than capable of solving your pimple problems.

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