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Reducing the Growth of your Unwanted Hair

Tired of constantly shaving or plucking your unwanted hair? Maybe it’s time to throw your razors and wax strips away and start undergoing laser hair removal or Intense Pulsed Light Removal for your own good.

These treatments will not get rid of stubborn strands permanently, but they will certainly reduce the possibility of regrowth. These solutions are proven while the pain level depends on the patient’s tolerance. The results are immediately noticeable as early as two sessions.

The lasers are absorbed by the melanin pigment of the skin which helps slow down future hair growth. It can be done on the armpits, shoulders, bikini line, legs and other parts of the body.

Aside from the unpleasant look it gives afterwards, shaving can make the growing hair a bit thicker and coarser, doubling the hassle. Also, hair growth can occur as early as two days, resulting to time consuming maintenance. You are not just trimming the hair but you are also giving yourself a darker and bumpy skin.

As for plucking, the hair will become finer and will take several days to regrow but the time spent on getting each strand is time-wasting. Most people cannot withstand the pain of waxing, crossing it out of the possible options.

There is no machine that can permanently remove unwanted hair. Once your target number of sessions are achieved, booster sessions may still be necessary to ensure that your body remains hair-free.

Shinagawa offers Ultima Hair Removal and Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal. Both treatments effectively remove unwanted hair in several sessions with weekly intervals.

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  1. Antonymous
    Antonymous says:

    when you grow fine and soft but relatively dark hair, which is slow growing, but you genuinely want shiny smooth skin there instead. Resist the urge to shave more frequently than necessary and tolerate a bit of regrowth, which will be still soft and hardly visible, so there’s no hurry to shave it again as soon at all 🙂
    This way the hair follicle won’t get stimulated near as much frequently as if you shaved more ofthen than needed, greatly delaying the onset of the hair thickening process and slowing it down significantly anyway.
    The point is that many girls might overestimate the extent of their hairiness, which leads to shaving even before the first hint of regrowth, no matter how soft, which sometimes leads to hair getting thicker much faster and much sooner, if this myth were true.
    Which is a pity.
    Remember, though when at one point, hair starts getting a bit thicker, just shave a bit more often to prevent that.
    It shouldn’t leave bumpy or irritated skin if it’s done with the right moisturizing and hydratation :).


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