International Cabin Attendant Training School

Reaching out to help the International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS) meet its standards, Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics holds a strong tie-up with the organization.

ICATS is an organization that caters an intense and precise course for aspiring flight attendants that is designed to meet and be at par with the flight attendant training standards of international airlines. It is a widely recognized flight attendant school in Asia.

It is essential for flight attendants to have a 20/20, or even better, vision as much as possible to be able to fully fulfill their responsibilities. Hence, Shinagawa steps in to offer reasonable and proven visual solutions.

As part of its partnership, Shinagawa generously offers ICATS an exclusive special discount rate for LASIK for its students, trainers, staff, alumni and members to take advantage of, for a perfect vision at a bargain cost.

Along with that, availing members of ICATS, as well as those who provides referrals, also get treated to gift certificates as a further bonus.

In return, ICATS supports Shinagawa’s cause as well, helping raise more awareness of the advanced medical treatments being offered for better wellness in its various channels and platforms.

Shinagawa aims on further strengthening this fruitful partnership with ICATS.