Shinagawa Goes to Neighbor Aeon Credit Service To Conduct LASIK Seminar

Shinagawa LASIK & Aesthetics went a few floors down from its Ortigas clinic to take part in Aeon Credit Service Philippines’ Wellness Fair 2018 to present its trademark health treatments and also conduct a free LASIK seminar.

The day-long event was held last July 11 at the 5th floor of the Hanston Square Building in Ortigas, also the home of Shinagawa Ortigas.

Attendees from Aeon were introduced fully to the competencies that Shinagawa offers when it comes to health and wellness, particularly its eye and aesthetics services.

Attendees at AEON Credit Service Wellness Event for Shinagawa

Associates from Aeon also got the chance to know more about LASIK in-depth as Marketing & Events Supervisor DJ Guinto and Shinagawa Ortigas Sales Manager Celine De Leon conducted the informative seminar.

Cataract Consultant Love Cortez joined them in entertaining inquiries and bookings from attendees and onlookers.

Shinagawa maximized its participation in the event, booking one LASIK surgery for an associate in the company for a journey to perfect vision.