Celebrate Freedom From Glasses And Contact Lenses With LASIK | News & Events

Join in on our Independence Day fun and bonding!

Catch “The First Yaya” star Sanya Lopez, Apple David, and Dr. Alex Gonzales, M.D., D.P.B.O. have life-changing discussions in the premiere episode of Shinagawa TV: “Celebrate Freedom From Glasses And Contact Lenses With LASIK” on June 12 at 6 PM in our Facebook page and YouTube channel and join our pre-premiere question and answer contest for a chance to win FREE LASIK from us!

Shinagawa TV aims on providing audiences an in-depth look at how lives are changed at the country’s premier Lasik & Aesthetics Center.

More episodes are on deck in the near future with more health, fitness and lifestyle treatments being featured along with Shinagawa’s brand ambassadors and medical experts.