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Signs You Should See An Eye Doctor For Dry Eye

Heavy eyelids, burn, and ache, a scratchy feeling in eyes; these are all common symptoms of Dry Eyes. It is a condition in which a person doesn’t have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye.

As we spend more hours focused on digital screens, our eyes get an exhausting endurance workout that results in dry eyes.

It also occurs due to aging, hormonal changes in women, and as a side effect of certain medications. Wildfires and smoke in high heat threat zones may increase the risk of dry eyes as well.

Dry Eyes make it difficult to read and write or see well while driving. Besides being an annoyance, chronic dry eyes could cause infections and damage the surface of your eyes.

You may have tried everything — opting for glasses instead of contacts and trying over-the-counter remedies. But if your dry eye has gone on for a long time such that your symptoms never go away completely, then it’s best to work with a doctor.

What are some signs that you need to see an eye doctor take care of dry eyes?

You’re using eye drops more often – If you get to the point of using eye drops frequently during the day to find relief, you need to contact an eye doctor. Your doctor can prescribe one based on your underlying cause of dryness.

You often have a blurry vision – It’s obvious when you can’t bend your finger that ‘maybe something is broken,’ but it’s not an apparent association with blurry vision and dry eye disease. But when eyes become too dry, they tend to blur up and feel wacky. Sometimes blinking a few times or applying eye drops could help. Yet if your blurry vision isn’t improving with an OTC product, then consult an eye doctor. They can prescribe eye drops or recommend other treatments.

You are more sensitive to light – With dry eyes, you may experience extreme light sensitivity or photophobia. In photophobia, fluorescent lights, watching TV, sunlight, playing games on a device, or working on a computer can trigger redness, eye pain, and headaches.

Struggles in removing contact lenses – If you have dry eyes and wear contacts, you may feel uncomfortable while wearing them, and it may get difficult to remove them from your eyes. If you struggle to remove your lenses, there is also a risk that your nails could accidentally scratch the surface of your eyes.

Don’t just ignore your dry eyes. Talk to our eye doctor in Shinagawa BGC about your symptoms so that they can suggest the treatment that is right for you.

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