Skin Care Mistakes that you are Likely Doing 1

Skin Care Mistakes that you are Likely Doing

The skin is one of the most visible organs in your body. Hence, it is that important for you to take proper care of it, with emphasis on the proper.
Still, despite your efforts, you sometimes wonder why your skin is not as healthy as you might want it to be.

There might be a lot of factors but there’s a good chance that you are making significant skin care mistakes.

It is normal to think that some methods and habits pertaining to the skin are right and effective, basing on the tips of others. At the same time, it is important for you to know what works and what doesn’t to be able to have the best practice when it comes to your skincare.

According to dermatologists, here are some common skin care mistakes that you are probably doing:

Skin Care Mistakes that you are Likely Doing 5

1. Washing Your Face At An Inappropriate Time – In skin care, timing is also of the essence. We tend to wash our face when we feel like it. There’s actually a right time for washing your face — it should be right after rinsing out your hair products in the shower as most conditioners contain isopropyl myristate that clogs the pores, causing acne.

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2. Not Enough Sleep And Water – There’s a reason why you’re given a constant reminder to get enough sleep and drink enough water. Having enough sleep and water on a daily basis is essential for skin health. Depriving yourself of ample sleep and hydration can make your skin dry and dull. Sleeping and hydrating well can certainly help give you a healthier and brighter glow.

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3. Trusting And Using A Harsh Cleanser – Unfortunately, there are cleansers that contain harsh detergents that are not bound to do your skin any favors. These cleansers should be avoided. While these cleansers help in cleaning, they will strip your skin of critical vital lipids. Cleansers with fatty acids are advisable as they have the ability to fortify your skin.

Skin Care Mistakes that you are Likely Doing 2

4. Skipping Daily Sunscreen – The usage and importance of sunscreen is one of the most overlooked musts in skin care. Even if you’ve heard it from experts before, you still tend to go under the sun without the protection. Never expose yourself without your daily dose of SPF. Applying sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher enables you to fight off sunburns and skin damages while helping you attain a younger-looking skin.

Skin Care Mistakes that you are Likely Doing 3

5. Not Visiting A Dermatologist For A Long Stretch – Not consulting a dermatologist regarding your skin health is a mortal skin when it comes to skin care. It is essential to visit a trusted dermatologist every now and then as that will provide you with the best recommendations that you need for your skin care.

The provided prescription lotions, creams and moisturizers are bound to help your skin achieve full strength and cleanliness. Moreover, dermatologists will also recommend specific treatments for your skin, if ever necessary.

These are some of the most common unhealthy beauty habits that can potentially sabotage your skin. Be in the know as it is a big no-no to follow the wrong ways of taking care of your skin.

Make sure you practice the best beauty habits for the best possible skin health.

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