Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Skin Care Tips for the Acne Prone Skin

Acne is inherited. It is genetic. If your parents both had acne, there is a higher chance that you will have it as well. Knowing about your family’s acne history can be helpful in treating your acne problem. Those people who experience breakouts usually get embarrassed and it affects your confidence and it has negative impact in your inner self that’s why it is good to find solution and remedy right away. Despite of having an acne prone skin, you can still maintain a beautiful and smoother skin through the following:

  • Have a Skin Care Routine

Wash your face regularly. Washing of face removes the dirt and bacteria that sit on your skin. Moisturize. Most of anti-acne facial wash usually dries up the skin. It is advisable to use a gentle, dermatologist-tested or hypoallergenic products to avoid harsh effects on the skin. celesty products by shinagawa

  • Visit an Aesthetic Clinic

Admit it some over the counter products for pimple treatment are not for you. They just don’t work and sometimes make your acne even worse. If these symptoms occur you should consult a dermatologist or go to an aesthetic clinic since they are the experts on how to cure acne and what skin products and treatments is best to treat your acne problems. Other benefit of consulting in an aesthetic clinic is they don’t just treat acne, they also have other acne scar treatment to remove those unwanted acne marks. Visit an Aesthetic

  • Don’t Pop your Pimples

People are tempted to pop or squeeze the pimples to remove the pus inside it. but popping your zits can worsen the inflamed pimple due to trauma or bacteria present in your hands. Try to consult a dermatologist for facial and other skin treatments to avoid complications on the inflamed area. Don't Pop Your Pimples-Shinagawa

  • Exercise

Exercise can promote blood flow that helps to have a healthy skin, unclogs pores and flush out toxins that causes pimples through sweating. It also reduces stress which some say is a major acne trigger. Exercise

  • Have a Healthy Diet

Eat Healthy, Avoid greasy and junk foods that contributes to oiliness of skin.  Trim down foods that are high in sugar because it might trigger acne. Eat fruits and veggies that can help reduce inflammation. Eat Healthy

  • Sleep Properly

Lack of sleep can make you feel weak and tired that is eventually leading to stress at work.  Stress can increase cortisol in the body which causes the skin to secrete more sebum. High sebum levels causes the clogging of pores that may lead to acne problem. Sleep Properly-Shinagawa PH Want to achieve a clear, healthy ,and smooth skin? Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics will be happy to help you! Reach us via Live Chat or Book a Free Consultation here on our website:

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