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Skin Secrets That Every Woman Must Know

No matter how blessed you are with wonderful skin, some skin issue is bound to pop up once in a while.

From acne to blemishes, pimples to freckles — women suffer from a plethora of skin woes and don’t think twice before trying out a new skin lotion or pimple busting cream.

If you too keep on battling skin issues every now and then, here are skin secrets you must know about.

Don’t sleep with your make-up on
The first rule of having wonderful skin is a simple one – just wash your face before hitting the bed and get rid of all the makeup you have on your face. So whether it's 8 pm and you are back from work or 3 am, when you are back from a party, just wash your face or dab some cleansing milk/coconut oil on a cotton pad and clean all the make-up.

Stay Hydrated
Beauty experts may have gone blue in the face telling you to drink enough water but unfortunately, many women don’t seem to heed this precious piece of advice. Dehydration can cause your skin to get dry and flaky, giving you that stretched feeling. Always keep a bottle handy and keep sipping on the water even if you aren’t thirsty. Set a reminder if you have to!

Avoid Overwashing your Face
In an attempt to cleanse the skin thoroughly, many women go overboard and wash their face (sometimes too rigorously), multiple times a day. This, say experts, is a big no-no and will only damage your skin in the long run. Twice a day is sufficient enough in removing the dust, grime, and makeup of the day.

Have your check-up regularly
After the age of 30, every woman must go for an annual cervical, ovarian and breast exam, apart from a blood sugar level test. If you are healthy from inside that will reflect on your skin. A healthy body is important for healthy skin.

At the same time, a derma check-up is of course just as important if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing for a beautiful and younger-looking you.

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