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Steps On How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Keeping your eyes healthy shouldn’t be a chore.

Here are easy steps you can take to look at to ensure you’re seeing bright and clear as you carry on with life.

Have an eye-friendly diet

An eye-friendly diet would be one rich in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and cabbage. Such foods may help delay the onset of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration AMD. Other foods such as oranges, kiwis, seeds, nuts, and oily fish have also been shown to improve eye health and slow down such harmful eye conditions.

Maintain good eye hygiene

You wouldn’t think your eyes to be unclean places, but we touch them up to one hundred times a day and so are constantly transferring bacteria to them from various questionable surfaces.

It’s recommended to avoid rubbing your eyes too much, especially when in unclean or outdoor environments. It’s also advisable to always thoroughly wash and dry your hands before putting in contact lenses to avoid potentially sight-threatening infections.

Change your make-up regularly

Many people out there are wearing make-up that could be damaging their skin and eyes. This is because all makeup has a shelf-life, with some products lasting a few months and others a few years. It’s therefore important to check the packaging of your make-up often, as well as remove it each night before bed to further reduce the chances of infection.

Always use sun protection

It’s a big myth that you can only damage your eyes when the sun is out and shining bright. The fact is, even on cloudy days, it’s possible for your eyes to experience UV damage. For this reason, it’s essential to wear high-quality sunglasses with full UV protection when it’s sunny, cloudy, windy, or whatever, as well as when in high glare areas.

Check your family eye history

There are more than 350 hereditary eye diseases, including glaucoma, keratoconus, color blindness, and corneal dystrophies. If you are aware of your family’s eye health history, it becomes much easier to diagnose, treat, and manage such diseases.

Have regular eye check-ups

It’s already been mentioned once but as many people leave having a check-up until too late and their vision is limited, you can never mention it enough.

Eye doctors recommend you have an eye test at least once every year, no matter if you think your vision is better than it’s ever been. Some sight-threatening conditions such as glaucoma have virtually no symptoms. But one visit an experienced eye doctor, and it can easily be picked up and treated before it gets worse.

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