Stop and Prevent Bad Breath

Stop and Prevent Bad Breath

Having a bad breath should be a cause of concern. It does not only provide bad oral odor, it also causes one to have insecurities in terms of socializing on a daily basis.

Bad breath normally originates from poor oral hygiene, dental cavities, malnutrition, dry mouth and gum disease. If we are unable to take good care of our teeth, chances are tons bacteria will be present there and some of those can certainly cause sulfurous smell.

Stop Bad Breath Philippines

Having a foul odor springing from the mouth can be a distressing problem for anyone. Who would want that? Prevent and fight off bad breath through simple ways and proper oral care. Here are some ways to fight off bad breath:

  1. Make sure you practice proper oral care. Brush and clean your teeth and mouth at least thrice a day and when necessary. Maintaining oral hygiene is a must for all of us and it doesn’t need a rocket scientist for us to realize how important that is.
  2. Not just for main health reasons, drinking enough water a day is also a big help in preventing bad breath. Drink plenty of water and swish cooled water around your mouth every now and then to help freshen your breath and prevent your mouth from being dry.
  3. Replace your toothbrush, accordingly. You don’t use a toothbrush and keep using it for good. Preferably, we should replace our toothbrush after two to three months of usage for a fresher tool in cleaning our teeth.
  4. Gargle mouthwash after brushing your teeth. It directly fights off bad breath by giving you a fresh breath while also providing support in preventing cavities.
  5. Most importantly, arrange regular dental checkups and cleanings. There’s no other way. Dentists are there to help you maintain your oral health and avoid any damages to your teeth. They know best.

Professional oral cleaning like oral prophylxis is a big help in preventing bad breath and making sure that your teeth is always clean enough.

Don’t be lazy and be responsible. Don’t take your teeth and oral health for granted. Let a dental treatment like oral prophylxis help you take good care of your teeth and mouth by keeping them clean and cavity-free.

Our dentists at Shinagawa can make the best recommendations specific to the needs of your teeth.

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