Tips for Cavity Free Teeth

Tips for Cavity Free Teeth

Healthy dental routine and habits go a long way. Cavities plague our teeth but with proper care, they can be kept away. Avoid cavities and the harm they bring.

Here are some effective tips you can observe to fight off cavity:

Brush regularly Philippines

Brush regularly – Brushing three times a day is not an option, it is a must. Taking good care of your teeth starts with regularly brushing your teeth, not just when you feel like it. By regularly brushing with fluoride toothpaste, there’s minimal chance for cavities to pop in your teeth as they are well-maintained.

Use mouthwash Philippines

Use mouthwash – The purpose of mouthwash is not only to refresh and battle bad breath, but also to prevent cavities. That’s why regularly using mouthwash after brushing is another key to prevent cavities in your teeth. This is also for added protection against tooth decay.

Eat Healthy A Food for Teeth

Eat teeth-healthy foods – As much as you can, eat foods that are friendly to your teeth. Yes, there are actually healthy foods that can certainly be good for your teeth. Some of these foods are cheese, milk, carrot, apple and almond. Ask your dentist on more specific teeth-healthy foods that can be recommended for you.

Visit Dentist Regularly Philippines

Make regular visits to your dentist for consultation and checkup – How will you know just how healthy your teeth are if you don’t pay a visit to the dentist? Just like your overall health, it is essential for you to have your teeth checked by the dentist not just when needed, but regularly as well to ensure its health and see if treatments might be needed.

Aside from that, cavities, if present, will also be checked and treated in the process.

Don’t be lazy and be responsible. Don’t take your teeth for granted and keep cavities at bay. Our dentists at Shinagawa can make the best recommendations specific to the needs of your teeth.

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