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What Can We Do About Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is probably one of the most frustrating eye conditions there is for people 40 years and above.

It’s the reason the phone font size goes up as you pass your 40th birthday, it’s the reason you have trouble reading a menu or your bill at a restaurant, it’s the reason your arms don’t feel long enough…and finally, it’s the reason you have to wear those reading glasses.

Presbyopia is not completely ‘untreatable’ but to the common person, the usual option is buying a pair of those lovely readers at their closest pharmacy, or to add bifocals to their existing prescription. We are here to tell you, there are sometimes better options!

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is caused when the natural lens of your eye no longer changes shape with age. As your lens becomes less flexible and loses its elasticity, it can no longer change its shape to focus on close-up images. Therefore, the images appear out of focus, and you essentially become far-sighted and need reading glasses to see up close. This usually happens in patients ages 40 and up.

What is currently available for presbyopia?

While there are some options, there’s one particular presbyopia treatment that stands out — PresbyMax!

PresbyMax is a minimally invasive laser eye procedure that treats and corrects presbyopia. Visual acuity typically improves rapidly, especially at a near distance.

If you’re tired of presbyopia and you want another solution, schedule a PresbyMax screening with us!

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