What Dental Filling Can Do For Your Teeth

What Dental Filling Can Do For Your Teeth

Are your teeth damaged by decay or cavities? Along with proper dental care, you can do more. Good thing for you, the dental filling can fix that problem.

Having dental filling restores a damaged tooth back to its normal form, shape, and function. It’s inevitable for us to have bacteria in our tooth that causes tooth decay and holes. Luckily, a dental filling is the answer to counter that.

Through modern dentistry advancements, your decay teeth can be kept and remedied. The holes in your teeth will be replaced by a hard, stable and tooth-like material which is dental filling.

Materials used for fillings and restoration include porcelain, gold, amalgam and a composite resin.
Further, this procedure also prevents further decay as it closes certain gaps and spaced where bacteria can potentially enter and cause havoc in your teeth.

Other benefits of fillings include limited damage caused by cavities and trauma, protection of the remaining tooth from further damage and re-establishment of adequate function of the particular tooth.

Should you happen to ponder if a dental filling is necessary for you, dentists can detect if indeed you have a cavity that needs to be filled.

Given his specialty, the dentist will use specialized instruments and even x-rays to see the proper treatment for you or if dental filling will be recommended. Do what’s best for your teeth through the right dental care.

Our dentists at Shinagawa PH can make the best recommendations specific to the needs of your teeth.

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