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Why You Should Not Sleep with Eye Makeup on

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There are days when we are so worn-out we couldn’t even find the time to remove our eye makeup. We go directly to our bed without realizing the dangers that beauty products can do to our eyes and skin. Instead of helping us enhance our facial features, they might be the reason why our beauty is deteriorating.

Aside from the sticky feeling it leaves on the following day, leaving makeup on can cause inflammation especially in the eye area. The number one culprit for having eyelid irritation is leaving your mascara, liner and eye shadow on for a longer period of time.

Mascara may give us longer and fuller lashes but it may also cause blepharitis. It is when the base of our eyelashes are contaminated with bacteria and dandruff-like flaking occurs. Doctors suggest that neglecting makeup is one factor that may cause eye redness, dryness and infection. Although treatable, it causes discomfort to those who wear contact lenses.




Due to bad makeup hygiene, severe cases such as mite infection occurs. Certain critters called demodex could start creating a community on your eyelids. Demodex mites can survive in areas which gives a good food production, in this case, sebum left in oil glands. Moreover, these mites can cause discomfort especially to those who are contact lens wearers. The person with demodex infected eyelids feels as if something is hindering their vision and notices the small bumps on their eyelid margins.

Washing your face with just soap and water is not enough to remove your makeup residue. Find a remover that is suitable to your skin and can effectively remove every eyeliner mark or mascara clump. This will not only make you feel refreshed but also save you from losing your beauty.

Truly, it is fun to put on makeup which is why girls invest their time to do it every morning. However, to avoid future complications, especially with eyes, ladies should also invest their time and effort in removing their makeup. Who wouldn’t want to sleep feeling refreshed anyways?

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