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Worried About Hyperpigmentation?

Are you worried about sun-damaged or blotchy skin? Have you tried everything to treat your skin concerns and not been satisfied with the results? Now is the time to try RevLite SI treatment.

The use of the innovative technology of RevLite SI can treat various skin conditions. It’s a precise technique especially effective in treating hyperpigmentation, superficial vessels, and sun damage.

While it is mostly used to treat discoloration, it also helps stimulate collagen production making this treatment a great addition to anti-aging regimens!

RevLite SI is ideal for you if you have:

  • Skin with large pores, acne, or freckles
  • Fine lines or dark spots
  • Rosacea, skin flushing, or broken blood vessels
  • Hyperpigmentation

It is a quick and easy step to achieving all different types of skincare goals.

To schedule a RevLite SI consultation, reach out to our caring and knowledgeable professionals at Shinagawa Aesthetics.

Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 7-368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 for inquiries, questions, and appointments or talk to our consultants via LiveChat here on our website.

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