Momoi Supe LASIK Experience | Shinagawa Feature Story

Thanks To LASIK, Eyebrow Tattoo Strokes Are Now Easier For Momoi Supe

Executing eyebrow tattoo strokes is now much easier for tattoo and make-up artist Momoi Supe. Momoi, the founder of the owner of Strokes, a force in facial make-up and tattoos, always envisioned an easier life with the help of brighter eyesight. Strokes is the leading and most trusted beauty studio in the Philippines specializing in […]

Eye Relaxation Exercises That Help Improve Your Vision | Shinagawa Cataract Blog

Eye Relaxation Exercises That Help Improve Your Vision

It is a constant that the number of people suffering from vision problems is increasing quite significantly due to various reasons that range from loss of flexibility of distance vision all the way to aging vision. Constant working on computers, binge-watching TV series, use of fluorescent lighting, air conditioning, and lack of exercising – all […]

Underbite Explanation | Shinagawa Dental Blog

The Underbite And Overbite Explained

An overbite and an underbite share similar symptoms but what makes them different is the location of the affected area. The underbite is a condition where the lower teeth are blocking the front upper teeth whenever the jaws are closed. Normally, the lower line is supposed to be behind the upper row of teeth. An […]

Avoiding Stress Improves Skin | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Avoiding Stress Improves Skin

Stress can be deadly if not handled well. Fact. Well, it’s not only unhealthy to your overall journey in life, but it can likewise be deadly to your skin as well. Do you know that avoiding stress also helps in improving your skin? Avoiding stress is actually a very effective way of improving your skin […]

Marlo Mortel’s Easier Life After LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

Never Too Late: Marlo Mortel’s Easier Life After LASIK

It’s never too late. That’s what ABS-CBN actor/host/singer Marlo Mortel recently learned after he had his LASIK at Shinagawa. After dealing with a blurry vision and the inconvenience of eyeglasses for the longest time, Marlo felt that it was time to end his agony and LASIK got the job done for him, making his life […]

Are Dental Veneers A Fit Alternative To Orthodontic Treatment? | Shinagawa Dental Blog

Are Dental Veneers Fit Alternative To Orthodontic Treatment?

There are good reasons why Dental Veneers seem like an attractive option for many. Lots of people can instantly achieve a perfect smile in just a matter of weeks, even days for some. It’s understandable why it is tempting to follow suit. Let’s explore Dental Veneers a bit further to see why it is a […]

The Difference Between Dry And Oily Acne | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

The Difference Between Dry And Oily-Acne

For a lot of people, acne is one of the most common and difficult skin conditions to be treated. Even dermatologists and aestheticians admit to being challenged in terms of treating acne problems of a number of their patients. When you break out, those nasty and annoying blemishes are a combination of dead skin cells, […]

Dr. Charo Rayos del Sol with a Patient | Shinagawa Feature Story

From Doctor To Patient: Dr. Charo’s Own LASIK Experience

Even ophthalmologists themselves need the sharpest of visions to be as prolific as possible. Take it from Shinagawa’s very own Dr. Charo Rayos del Sol. Our own doctor recently had her own LASIK to enhance his vision further. “Of course, being an ophthalmologist myself, I need to have a sharp vision that can help me […]

Protecting Your Eyes From Air Pollution | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Protecting Your Eyes From Air Pollution

In our previous entry, it was discussed how air pollution can significantly affect your eyes and vision for the worse. With that, it is quite important to protect your eyes from air pollution. Here are some simple, yet effective ways to protect your eyes from the bad effect that air pollution brings: 1. Don’t Forget […]

Surprising Health Benefits Of Exercising | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Surprising Health Benefits Of Exercising

Aside from better stamina, cardio and body shape, regularly exercising presents more overall benefits that you may know. In fact, exercising can actually do a lot of wonders for your skin. According to various studies, here are some amazing benefits that exercising can give you and your body: Improves Acne – Since regular exercise helps […]