Patch Magtanong’s LASIK Journey | Shinagawa feature Story

To See Is To Believe – Patch Magtanong’s LASIK Journey

Just like her beauty queen career, having LASIK was another big win for Binibining Pilipinas — International 2019 Patch Magtanong. Tired of the hassles that her then blurry eyesight was giving her, she took the leap and had ULTRA LASIK Advanced at Shinagawa BGC for the better. “Put off LASIK for so long and I’m […]

Causes Of Keloids | Shinagawa Blog

Causes Of Keloids

Keloids are usually noticeable, given they are unsightly scars, but do you know that not all keloids come from wounds? Most types of skin injury can contribute to keloid scarring. These include: acne scars burns chickenpox scars ear piercing scratches surgical incision sites vaccination sites An estimated 10 percent of people experience keloid scarring. Men […]

Dispelling LASIK Myths | Shinagawa Blog

Dispelling LASIK Myths

Some still have misconceptions about LASIK. It is important to set the record straight about some fears associated with LASIK. Here are explanations for some of the most common LASIK myths: 1. LASIK Can’t Fix Astigmatism It can and it does. For those with astigmatism, LASIK can correct your deformed cornea, correcting your eyesight in […]

Preparing To Face The World Again | Shinagawa Blog

Preparing To Face The World Again

As they say, life goes on despite the pandemic that we continue to face. In that case, you should be preparing yourself to face the world with grace and your most beautiful self. As businesses get used to the new normal, we are all looking to move forward, not just to survive, but to thrive. […]

Dry Eye Risk Factors | Shinagawa Blog

Dry Eye Risk Factors

Dry Eye Disease/Syndrome (DED) is an important disorder in light of the current lifestyle practices that cause considerable eye strain. It is a multifactorial disease of the interpalpebral ocular surface and tears film that leads to discomfort, fatigue, and disturbance in vision. DED affects patients’ quality of life and leads eventually to a decrease in […]

Wonderful Benefits Of LASIK Over Contact Lenses | Shinagawa Blog

Wonderful Benefits Of LASIK Over Contact Lenses

Aside from it being much safer, having LASIK and brightening your vision have more benefits that constantly wearing your contact lenses. These benefits shall give you a better insight into why it is much more reasonable and convenient than the usage of contacts. Benefits Of LASIK Over Contact Lenses: Better Vision – Many patients are […]

Foods That Speed Up Your Aging & Their Substitutes | Shinagawa Blog

Food That Speed Up Your Aging & Their Substitutes

Everyone loves food. Eating is easily one of the most essential parts of life. However, when it comes to aging, do you know that there are actually foods that can speed up your process? You heard it. Although minding your diet is easier said than done, it always helps to have a little reminder of […]

Better Eyesight, More Comfort for Rosielle Panaligan

Better Eyesight, More Comfort for Rosielle Panaligan

From a then eyesight of 400 with astigmatism, ULTRA LASIK instantly made Rosielle Panaligan’s life better by giving her a brighter vision. Rosielle now enjoys a 20/16 vision and her life as a mom and entrepreneur is now much easier with her brighter eyesight. “Thank you Shinagawa Ortigas for my ULTRA LASIK eye treatments! I […]

Eye Care During These Challenging Times

Eye Care During Challenging Times

Most experts agree that limiting the habit of touching your face – especially your eyes – is good practice at any time. As we know, that is significantly important as we are still in the middle of our battle against COVID-19. Touching your face may transmit the virus from your hands to a place where […]

Getting Rid Of Your Warts, Moles And Keloids | Shinagawa Blog

Getting Rid Of Your Warts, Moles, And Keloids

Irritated with your warts, moles, or keloids? For sure, you want to get them removed for a smoother and better looking you. Although most of the time those aren’t harmful to your health, they may very well create some cosmetic concerns. That’s why over time, safe and effective treatments were designed and developed to get […]