Why Do My Eyes Twitch? | Shinagawa Blog

Why Do My Eyes Twitch?

Have you ever felt like your bottom eyelid is having spasms? Do you feel like everyone can see it happening if they look at you? Myokymia is the medical term for what we call “eye twitching”. The muscle that closes the eyelids is called the orbicularis oculi. It is a significant muscle that is connected […]

Reasons Why Some People Sweat More Than Others | Shinagawa Blog

Reasons Why Some People Sweat More Than Others

Sweating is, of course, part of our everyday lives. But for some of us, we may sweat a little too much. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be embarrassing and hard to manage. It can lead to embarrassing moments where our underarms, hands and other parts of our bodies are visibly sweaty. Excessive sweating is known […]

Azi Lopez's RLE | Shinagawa Feature Story

Azi Lopez’s Best Investment Yet — Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

Being a stock trader and investor is no joke that’s why having a clear vision along with a bright mind are essentials to succeed. Azi Lopez just made her best investment yet. “I had my RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange) and it’s indeed life-changing. It’s the best investment for myself!” shared Azi. Prior to her RLE, […]

Ways To Fade A Black Eye | Shinagawa Blog

Ways To Fade A Black Eye

There’s no magic trick to make a black eye vanish. But there are some treatments that might help it fade. 1. Arnica There’s some evidence that this herb — available over the counter — may help bruises heal. Some studies have found that when people took oral arnica before cosmetic surgeries like nose jobs, it […]

Some Shaving Tricks That Can Help | Shinagawa Blog

Some Shaving Tricks That Can Help

Shaving is one of the most common concerns, especially for men. While you should avoid alcohol-based aftershaves, there are other things to consider, too. Your facial hair will be softer after a warm or hot shower, so cleanse first. Use a gentle, bland shaving cream or oil to prevent rashes or ingrown hairs. Shave in […]

Farrah Aratea-Dichoso RLE Procedure | Shinagawa Feature Story

Impossible Is Nothing: Shinagawa Turned Farrah’s Vision Around

In most cases, a 2,000 eye grade with astigmatism seems like a hopeless situation. Not at Shinagawa. Farrah Aratea-Dichoso, a patient of ours who tried her luck in an attempt to see clearly again, had that difficult case and fortunately, wonders were done to her eyes and she can now see brightly again, despite the […]

Here’s Why Your Kids Need Regular Eye Exams | Shinagawa Blog

Here’s Why Your Kids Need Regular Eye Exams

From writing and studying to sports and after-school activities, having a clear vision and healthy eyes are instrumental to a child’s learning and development. Still, most parents sometimes take their kids’ vision for granted. There are a few factors that may be preventing parents from understanding the importance of scheduling comprehensive eye exams for their […]

Skincare For Men Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated | Shinagawa Blog

Skincare For Men Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Perhaps you’re an outdoorsy kind of guy — spending lots of time in the sun, exposed to the elements. Or you’re the casual, more indoorsy type. Maybe you’re clean-shaven or sporting a full beard. No matter your style or lifestyle, taking care of your skin is always important. A lot of men have the common […]

Roxanne Atayde-Wenceslao's LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

Comfort & Care In Roxanne’s LASIK Journey

The expertise and experience of our doctors and entire medical team allay patients’ fears when it comes to their LASIK journey. Roxanne Atayde-Wenceslao, a geologist, felt very comfortable during her LASIK journey, which she attributed to Shinagawa’s proficiency in proper eye care and procedures. “I had my ULTRA LASIK in Shinagawa BGC and I would […]

Can Stress Affect Your Vision? | Shinagawa Blog

Can Stress Affect Your Vision?

In a fast-paced, digital, and highly-connected modern world, it seems that almost everyone you ask is either recovering from a period of stress or in the midst of one. We are all affected by stress in different ways: headaches, nervous stomachs, neck pain…you name it. But can stress affect our vision? It seems so. Here […]