Tips For Black Eye Treatment | Shinagawa Blog

Tips For Black Eye Treatment

Treat a black eye like you would a sprained ankle or other soft-tissue injuries. That means remembering the handy acronym “RICE”: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Rest Anything you do that gets your heart rate up increases the risk of swelling and bruising. Take it easy for the first day or two after the injury. […]

What To Know About Dermal Fillers And Beauty-Tox | Shinagawa Blog

What To Know About Dermal Fillers And Beauty-Tox

If you’ve ever wished you could smooth those little worry lines across your forehead or the laugh lines around your mouth, you might have considered cosmetic injections or even surgery. Before you think about going under the knife, it’s important to know that tried-and-true gold-standard injection options and newer dermal fillers can provide a natural, […]

Myra Garing's Better Vision After PresbyMax | Shinagawa Feature Story

Myra’s Better Vision After PresbyMax

Your near vision problem due to presbyopia can be resolved. Myra Garing, a bank associate, had her presbyopia taken care of by PresbyMax, one of the best treatments for an age-related eye condition. “I had my PresbyMax procedure at Shinagawa Makati for my presbyopia. I am delighted and thankful because my vision is now 20/20.” […]

If I Have Dry Eyes, Then Why Are They Watery | Shinagawa Blog

If I Have Dry Eyes, Then Why Are They Watery?

Why are my eyes watery? What causes watery eyes? Why are my eyes tearing? My eyes are really wet, how can they be dry? If I have Dry Eyes, then why are they watery or tearing? We get these questions a lot. Let’s understand why. Dryness – can feel like a dry or scratchy feeling, […]

When Men Should See A Dermatologist For Adult Acne | Shinagawa Blog

When Men Should See A Dermatologist For Adult Acne

You’re long past the awkward middle school or high school puberty stage — maybe really long past. So why hasn’t your face gotten the memo? Acne is definitely normal for teenagers — more than 90% of teens get acne. The outliers are the ones who don’t get it in their teenage years but we’ve definitely […]

Justin & Scottie Thompson's Shinagawa Journey | Shinagawa Feature Story

Justin & Scottie Thompson’s Shinagawa Journey

Behind successful athletes are supportive family members. Justin Thompson, brother of PBA Finals MVP and Ginebra guard Scottie Thompson, had LASIK at Shinagawa BGC recently. Documented by Scottie, watch Justin’s life-changing LASIK journey as he wants his life to be as bright as his superstar brother. Scottie Thompson recommends Shinagawa when it comes to LASIK! […]

Knowing Rare And Bizarre Eye Conditions | Shinagawa Blog

Knowing Rare And Bizarre Eye Conditions

As the body develops, sometimes rare deformities appear. The eye is no exception. What would you think if you saw someone with strange eyes? Would you think, how can that person see properly? Why didn’t they get it fixed? How do unusual eye conditions affect people’s social lives? These bizarre eye conditions can be DNA-related, […]

Is Vitamin A Necessary In Your Skincare Routine? | Shinagawa Blog

Is Vitamin A Necessary In Your Skincare Routine?

Some question if Vitamin A is essential in their regular skincare routine. For doctors, the simple answer is yes. Vitamin A presents some key features that can help your skin be healthy and glowing. Here are the benefits Vitamin A can deliver for your skin: Promotes natural glowing, smooth complexion, and radiant skin by moisturizing […]

Michelle Esteban's LASIK At Shinagawa | Feature Story

Michelle Esteban: From Glasses To 20/10 Vision After LASIK

Shinagawa never gets tired of giving more people the gift of perfect vision, or even beyond. Now with a beyond perfect vision, Michelle Esteban, one of our delighted patients, doesn’t need to put up with glasses or contacts anymore after having LASIK. “I’m amazed at LASIK! I just want to thank Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics […]

Going Beyond LASIK For Vision Correction | Shinagawa Blog

Going Beyond LASIK For Vision Correction LASIK

At Shinagawa, we are determined to find the best vision correction option for you using our advanced Comprehensive Eye Screening. LASIK is certainly a popular choice and we take pride in performing it to countless people, but it’s not the right one for every patient. So, let us tell you more about LASIK alternatives in […]