How Smiling Affects Your Happiness And Health | Shinagawa News & Events

How Smiling Affects Your Happiness And Health

Smiling can do you lots of goods. An individual’s smile can convey several different emotions, such as happiness, gratitude, friendliness, and contentment. However, there is much more to a person’s smile than conveying an emotional state. After many scientific and psychological case studies, it has been proven that an individual’s smile affects their overall health […]

Habits People With Perfect Skin Do | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Habits People With Perfect Skin Do

Walking up each day with flawless skin is always achievable. It actually depends on you and your skin regimen. A few effective skin habits can get you there. Moisturizing Every Day and Night It is a must to moisturize right after you take your shower and right before you sleep at night. It is also […]

How Successful Is LASIK For Astigmatism | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

How Successful Is LASIK For Astigmatism?

LASIK can fully correct astigmatism, and the effect is permanent. Despite having a somewhat scary-sounding name, astigmatism is not an eye disease — it’s simply a refractive error like nearsightedness and farsightedness — and it can be corrected with LASIK surgery. Because people with astigmatism have abnormally shaped eyes, they benefit from surgeries that track […]

How Your Diet Can Cause Cavities | Shinagawa Dental Blog

How Your Diet Can Cause Cavities

Sometimes the food that’s good for your body isn’t necessarily the best for your teeth. You should know which healthy foods can harm your teeth and gums, and what steps you can take to continue enjoying these foods, even when you’re dieting. Substituting empty calories with whole foods, make sure you also remember to focus […]

Food That Can Give You A More Radiant Skin and Hair | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Food That Can Give You A More Radiant Skin and Hair

Some natural products containing healthy food ingredients can actually help in enhancing your skin and hair. A healthy diet can likewise be included in your daily beauty routine. Regularly choosing natural foods is a good start. Many foods that are healthy to eat also offer powerful benefits for your skin and hair — and they’ve […]

Best Foods For Healthy Eye | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Best Food For Healthy Eyes

For better or worse, your body is directly affected by the foods you eat. In fact, each aspect of your overall health can be benefited from a healthy diet. Your eyes are no different. Genetics may play a role in your overall eye health, however, the foods you choose to ingest may be a factor […]

Health Benefits Of Having Braces | Shinagawa Dental Blog

Health Benefits Of Having Braces

Most people believe that the payoff of getting braces is having a great smile once they are removed. What many don’t know is that the aesthetic advantage of braces is just one of the many benefits that might not be known to a lot of people. Proper alignment of teeth not only looks good but […]

Right Ways To Use Your Sun Block | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Right Ways To Use Your Sunblock

You may know that applying sunblock is a must for everyone to protect us from the sun’s agonizing rays. But do you also know how to use it the right way? Even the best sunblock won’t help and protect you well if you don’t apply it right. It is a must for your skin to […]

How LASIK Made Isabelle Daza A Better Individual | Shinagawa Feature Story

How LASIK Made Isabelle Daza A Better Individual

Three years ago, actress Isabelle Daza decided it was time for her to have a brighter vision to be able to fulfill all her responsibilities in life. Shinagawa’s LASIK was the answer for her back in 2015 as she had the procedure for better eyesight and an enhanced life along with it. Also a dedicated […]

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The Difference In Dental Health Between Men And Women

Are there differences in terms of typical dental health between men and women? Apparently, there actually are. This is because men and women are quite different from each other in their personality and behavior, apart from the obvious physical characteristics. Dental health and its maintenance are different in men and women, too. Here are some […]