Ann Cajis Says Hello To Her Clearer Vision | Shinagawa Feature Story

“Hello To My Clearer Vision!”

Add Ann Cajis to the thousands of people who consider having LASIK their greatest investment. “The greatest gift and investment – LASIK! Been having a clear vision now and I never imagined myself not wearing glasses,” shared Ann, who had her LASIK at Shinagawa Makati. The difficulties of having blurry vision since she was 5 […]

Steps For Your Healthy Eyes | Shinagawa Blog

Steps On How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Keeping your eyes healthy shouldn’t be a chore. Here are easy steps you can take to look at to ensure you’re seeing bright and clear as you carry on with life. Have an eye-friendly diet An eye-friendly diet would be one rich in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and cabbage. Such foods may […]

Impact Of Vitamin C In Skincare | Shinagawa Blog

Impact Of Vitamin C In Skincare

Vitamin C is the most common antioxidant in the skin. Unfortunately, humans do not have the enzyme (L-gluconogamma lactone oxidase) to make vitamin C, therefore it must be obtained from external sources. L ascorbic acid is the active form of vitamin C that carries out the biological effects. Besides retinoids, vitamin C is probably the […]

Avoiding Suffering From An Eye Injury | Shinagawa Blog

Avoiding Suffering From An Eye Injury

Whether your field of means of work may be, a clear vision is essential to getting the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Let’s take a look at five of the main factors that are most important in keeping your eyes safe from harm: Proper eye care and protection The vast majority of […]

RevLite SI Laser Treatment For Glowing Skin | Shinagawa Blog

RevLite SI Laser Treatment For Glowing Skin

Collagen is a vital building block of your skin, muscles, bones, blood cartilage, and ligaments. This protein is responsible for your skin elasticity and provides structure to your tendons and joints. Collagen holds your muscles and bones together and protects your organs. It also helps in building muscle mass. It gives your muscles the fuel […]

Brighter Future Together For Jeff & Nikki | Shinagawa Feature Story

Brighter Future Together For Jeff & Nikki

Engaged couple Jeff Rafael and Nikki Conti are looking ahead to the brightest future for them. The partner doctors and entrepreneurs made sure that they will shine the brightest in their upcoming wedding on September 12. Jeff & Nikki both had their LASIK done at Shinagawa last year as part of their preparations for their […]

Advantages Of Anti-Radiation Glasses | Shinagawa Blog

Advantages Of Anti-Radiation Glasses

Anti-radiation glasses that are designed to filter out blue light from computers, smartphones, and tablets are becoming increasingly popular. Ads for these glasses claim overexposure to blue light can cause a number of problems, including digital eye strain, sleep cycle disruption, or even blinding eye diseases. These are for good reasons. Advantages of Anti-Radiation Glasses […]

Worried About Hyperpigmentation? | Shinagawa Blog

Worried About Hyperpigmentation?

Are you worried about sun-damaged or blotchy skin? Have you tried everything to treat your skin concerns and not been satisfied with the results? Now is the time to try RevLite SI treatment. The use of the innovative technology of RevLite SI can treat various skin conditions. It’s a precise technique especially effective in treating […]

Gade Guce Puts His Glasses Down For Good | Shinagawa Feature Story

“I Finally Put My Glasses Down For Good”

“Finally saying goodbye to glasses and contact lenses after all these years!” Gade Guce can now look forward to the years ahead brightly with a brand new eyesight thanks to LASIK “From an eye grade of 650/650 with moderate astigmatism, my vision is now 20/16 – even better than 20/20 – after LASIK! It took […]

Tips For Proper Eye Hygiene | Shinagawa Blog

Tips For Proper Eye Hygiene

Viruses are responsible for many infections, such as the flu, the common cold, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and coronavirus. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in full swing, it’s important to be aware of good hygiene practices, especially for the eyes, as they are a portal for infectious diseases. By implementing the simple yet helpful practices below, […]