Debunking Common LASIK Fears

LASIK is the most effective and safest procedure for correcting refractive errors, like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. However, some people who qualify for the procedure hesitate to get treated because of unfounded fears and rumors. Here are common LASIK fears that you shouldn’t worry about:   “I’m afraid of the pain.” Fact: LASIK Is […]

Dental Braces Infographic

Here is an Infographic about Dental Braces. Dental braces can correct malocclusion or the imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed. There are different types of dental braces to choose from but it works depending on your needs.

5-effective-tips-in-maintaining-a-healthy-skin-during-summer Shinagawa PH

5 Effective Tips in Maintaining a Healthy Skin during Summer

Summer is one of the favorite seasons in the Philippines because of the outdoor activities this weather invites. However, this is also the time where our skin is prone to damage like dryness, occurrence of signs of aging, skin discoloration and the like. So, how can you maintain your skin hydrated while enjoying the warm […]

Risk of Wearing Cheap and Fake Braces

  In the Philippines, Dental Braces for teens have gone from stigma (that only nerds wear braces). In recent years, orthodontics became a fashion trend and a status symbol for teenagers but since wearing orthodontic braces cost a fortune, some teens would opt to wear fake braces that can be bought at online shops, street […]


Difference Between IPL and Ultima Laser Hair Removal

      Are you confused about the difference of IPL and Laser Hair Removal? Here is an Infographic about the comparison of  two hair removal procedure and which procedure is more effective.

Effects of Prolonged Contact Lens Use

Contact lenses have been around for much longer than most people believe. Leonardo da Vinci thought of the concept of contact lenses in 1508, along with many other modern day conveniences. Renee Descartes developed the concept further by sketching a protruding contact lens in 1636. Later, in 1801, a scientist named Thomas Young became the […]

Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Skin Care Tips for the Acne Prone Skin

Acne is inherited. It is genetic. If your parents both had acne, there is a higher chance that you will have it as well. Knowing about your family’s acne history can be helpful in treating your acne problem. Those people who experience breakouts usually get embarrassed and it affects your confidence and it has negative […]


Reign Lift: Revolutionary Anti-Aging Facelift

As people age, the collagen and elastin production in our body gradually decreases which causes the skin to look older. Other factors that lead to loss of collagen are smoking, unhealthy diet and free radicals from UV exposure which damages the skin cells. Learning about what causes our skin to age help us understand and […]

FaceSlim Blog

FaceSlim: Slimmer and Beautifully Sculpted Face

Having a slimmer and well-contoured face has always been a beauty goal of most people, especially women. Aside from making the face appear thinner, it also gives a more striking look, which is one-step closer to looking like the stunning celebrities and high fashion models we see on TV. For this reason, some people would […]

3D Angel Lift Blog

3D Angel Lift: Non Surgical Face Lift

As we age skin elasticity reduces and our facial muscles and skin become loose and sagged over time due to volume loss and fat in our face, which make it droopy and wrinkles look visible. Some people would go to the extent of plastic surgery or facelift surgery to address the sagging of their skin […]