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Is Excessive Usage Of Phone Damaging To Your Eyesight?

Admit it, spending a lot of time on your phone is a daily routine. Almost everyone spends significant time every day staring at their phone and of course, you know you are one of them.

Given all the advancements in technology and applications, from watching on YouTube, being on Social Media or binge browsing, it’s no surprise that the time you spend on your phone has drastically increased over time.

However, the excess time that you spend on your phone can potentially have a significant impact on your eye health eventually.

Here are some effects that spending too much time on your phone can cause you:

1. Eye Strain – This is the most common effect that extended screen time can give you. When you stare at a digital screen, your pupils get a bit smaller in the process in order to adjust to the brightness. In the process, eye muscles tend to strain, tiring your eyes after prolonged periods of time.

2. Dry Eyes and Headaches – Extended digital screen time is also responsible for your dry eyes, which causes discomfort and itching. That is because you tend to blink less often when you stare at a screen for a prolonged period, lessening the moisture in your eyes.

Eyesight Problems Due to Excessive Phone Usage | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Alongside dry eyes, headaches are likewise a common side effect associated with eye strain, resulting in the typical high contrast in digital screens between bright backgrounds and dark fonts. These are called tension headaches and they are considered very common nowadays with the average amount of screen time gradually goes up.

3. Long-term Eye Damage – Staring too long at digital screens instantly causes short-term eyesight issues. However, recent in-depth studies also indicate that it may also have long-term effects on your eyesight as well. Studies show that the rate of nearsightedness is drastically on the rise due to the over usage of mobile phones.

If you’re used to spending countless hours on your phone, you better lessen that before it’s too late. It can cause your eyes a lot. Call Shinagawa for proper eye care.

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