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Ways To Ensure The Smoothest LASIK Recovery For You

Recovering from any surgery can be a daunting task that may turn you off of a surgical procedure. But LASIK is a procedure that is well worth the tiny effort required.

And even better: recovery is actually not all that long and difficult. You will need to be more careful about getting things in your eyes and try not to exert yourself.

Over the course of your brief recovery period, you will be able to slowly resume your normal life and routine.

At Shinagawa, our staff, nurses, and doctors will constantly provide you with instructions on what you need to do during your brief recovery after LASIK.

Here are some more detailed tips on how to ensure a comfortable and speedy recovery after LASIK:

Avoid Water in Your Eyes

After LASIK, your eyes will be particularly in danger of becoming infected. Even clean tap water can carry germs and microbes that cause infection.

Chlorinated pools or hot tubs are no better, as the chemicals can be irritating to irritate eyes. As such, you should not plan on swimming for several weeks after your surgery.

Avoid all bodies of water like lakes, pools, the ocean, and even hot tubs. You should also be careful to not get water or shampoo in your eyes while showering.

Keep your eyes closed as much as possible until your eyes have healed more.

Do Not Bend Much or Lift Heavy Things

During the early stages of your recovery, your eyes will be extraordinarily delicate. An important part of the procedure involves creating a flap in the cornea.

This is essential to reshaping the cornea and removing corneal tissue. These flaps need enough time to heal, as they are more likely to become detached.

A detached flap can lead to serious complications. You should be careful not to damage your eyes by playing sports or doing other risky activities.

At the beginning of recovery, say no to strain or any kind of lifting or bending at the waist. Even this mild strain can be enough to create pressure on the delicate flaps. Do yourself a favor and take it easy for the first week after you have LASIK.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

There’s never a good time to rub your eyes, but after getting LASIK is the very worst time to do it. Your eyes may be itchy and irritated after the procedure.

You may be extremely tempted to rub your eyes but it’s a sure way to cause flap complications. It will also not provide lasting relief.

Instead, use eye drops proactively to prevent itching from occurring. You should be applying drops regularly to keep your eyes hydrated during recovery.

You should do this even when your eyes are not itchy. Applying eye drops and artificial tears can make a difference in reducing dry eyes.

Attend Your Scheduled Post-Operative Check-ups

Within 24 hours after the surgery, you will need to check in with the doctor. This is so they can see how your initial recovery is going.

You’ll also need to come back several times over the next month (a week and a month after the procedure) as you continue to recover.

If there are any problems or complications, they will be able to catch them before they get out of hand. If your eyes are bothering you, let your doctor know sooner rather than later.

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