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    Taking A Social Media Break | Shinagawa Pharmacy Blog

    Taking A Social Media Break

    Social media is a way for people to connect online with their families and friends. Nowadays, you would hardly see anyone without phones as it had become one of the people’s daily needs and routines.

    However, too much screen time can strain your eyes and affect your mental health negatively.

    For some, it may seem like no big deal but the moment we log online we don’t realize that we’re spending most of our time in front of the phone. Bouncing from one app to another, mindlessly scrolling, reacting, commenting, and sharing posts, and slightly comparing ourselves physically and our lives to others. It may be hard to break this cycle but with the determination to help your mental health anything is possible.

    Doing a social media detox is a must, especially if you care enough for your health in order to do that you must start from small until your hands don’t feel the itch to grab your phone and scroll on any social media apps online.

    Below are a few tips and reminders on how you can practice social media detox:

    • Shift your focus to other important things
    • Tell your friends and family
    • Turn on silent mode and do not disturb
    • Remember you don’t have to be available 24/7
    • Turn off notifications
    • Don’t be too hard on yourself

    In a nutshell, everything starts and ends with you. It’s all up to you when to end things that are toxic and do things that are good for you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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