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    Uncovering the Myths about Diabetes

    Uncovering the Myths about Diabetes

    Are you feeling hopeless when you find out that you’re diagnosed with Diabetes? Cheer up because it’s really not the end for you!

    This Diabetes Month it’s the perfect time and opportunity to delve our minds into the common myths about diabetes. Besides, it’s much better to be acquainted with such health topics as it will matter to us in due time. Hence, together, let’s find out the real truth behind it all!

    MYTH #1: “You caused this to happen to yourself”

    REALITY: Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition where the pancreas makes little to no insulin at all due to environmental factors, a virus, or some unknown trigger. While Type 2 Diabetes is mainly because of hereditary.

    MYTH #2: “Your life is over.”

    REALITY: With the advanced technology and machines invented today, people diagnosed with diabetes can monitor their blood sugar and utilize it to get glucose data automatically which means that their life isn’t technically over.

    MYTH #3: “Are you allowed to eat that?”

    REALITY: The answer is yes! It doesn’t mean when you’re diagnosed with diabetes you’re not allowed to eat anything you want. The key is to eat in moderation while being mindful of the portion that you intake, maintain a healthy weight, and control your overall glucose. 

    MYTH #4: Why bother trying? You’re just going to get complications like the others

    REALITY: When you’re diagnosed with diabetes it doesn’t really mean that you’ll get complications although hereditary and family history is crucial in pre-diabetes and diabetes. Being knowledgeable, early detection, and prevention may help benefit you in the future.

    MYTH #5: I need to go to the gym to manage my diabetes

    REALITY: This is not necessary at all rather moving at least 30 minutes per day/week to see an improvement in your overall glucose control. 

    Being diagnosed with Diabetes can really take a toll on our mental and emotional health but it has also changed the mentality of everyone into a stronger and positive one. 

    How about you? Did you get tested for diabetes yet? If not, go have your diabetes test with us at the Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care Center! 

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