12 Years to Perfect Vision: Rosemarie Domingo

12 Years to Perfect Vision: Rosemarie Domingo

Even if you’ve had blurry vision for the longest time, a 20/20 vision can still be restored.

Despite not being able to see clearly for more than a decade, LASIK has restored Rosemarie Domingo’s bright vision to help her in her studies as a student.

“After almost 12 years, I had my LASIK done and my 20/20 vision was finally restored! I’m glad that I can get to see a clearer world because of Shinagawa. It was a life-changing experience!” she shared.

“The staff and doctors were very kind and accommodating to my needs. Facilities are clean and well-sanitized. Thank you so much, Shinagawa!”

If you haven’t been seeing brightly for a long time, don’t lose hope. Let’s do something about it.

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